Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 54

There are two Fairfields (reference to a transcendental meditation community), as surely as we have multiple potential selves; the dominant ideology will likely be the one that’s the focus of the most energy.

The subversion or coalescence with this corporeal, prior culture is the most obvious challenge we face in trying to bring about a truly different human experience. This is the nexus: Do you want to learn how to unify your individual field of consciousness with a realm of bliss and tranquility, or do you want to lie spread-eagled and drooling on crystal while Taylor Swift tickles your brain into a saccharine comma?

My only qualification for proselytizing is my ardent pursuit of the latter option and eventual acceptance of the former. I suppose we must ask of ourselves—or each other, have fun with it, it could be a quiz—two fundamental questions: 1. Are you happy with things the way they are? And 2. Do you believe that things could be better?


Russell Brand          2014

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