Love vs Sex 124

A guy notices different women on a dating site and he asks each one out on a date.

The first types “I would like to get to know you” and proceeds to message him with small talk.

The second types “Can we talk on the phone first? I would really like to get to know you better over the phone first.”

The third types “Wow. How can you ask me out so quickly? You don’t even know me.”

The fourth types “I’m not looking for a hook-up. If that’s what you want, NO.”

The fifth types “Sure. Why don’t you pick a place? I am fine with anything. What do you like?” And he responds “Persian, Indian, Thai, Sushi, or Caribbean.” And she replies back “How about Italian?”

The sixth types “Well that’s a long way to drive and you can’t stay here, because that would suggest the wrong thing to everyone.”

The seventh types “I googled your blog. Interesting blog, but I don’t wan’t to be part of it.” And he replies “That is not my intent, but if you have already formed that fear, I suppose we are done.” She counters with “I’m not scared of anything in this world. I just dont want to be part of your social experiment.”

The eighth types “I would like to meet you as long as you did not vote for Obama. If you could vote for him there is no way we would ever get along.”

The ninth types “Only if you love the Lord. I only date Christian men these days.” And he remembers the pictures on her profile….one in a skimpy bathing suit, another a cleavage exposed seductive selfie, and a third, a body shot showing almost all of her midriff and a tease of her panties as she lies on her back while snuggled in her bed.

And the tenth types “Yes, I would love to. Thank you for asking me. Where would you like to meet?”

Cribb          2015

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