The Veterinarian – Being Positive is a Distraction from not Being Balanced

This piece could also easily fall under my Warrior Poet Mental Yoga genre. It is a little somber, but it discusses an extremely relevant principle regarding all encompassing stability and respect.


There are multiple ways to “get” your child to become a seemingly responsible, socialized entity of achievement and of contribution to society at large. Regardless of the method employed, the burden of accountability for this “getting” done falls definitively to the parents of the child. The program, the imprinted lesson associated upon the child’s psyche of why this “getting” must be done by him/her is interpreted and recorded very early in his interpersonal adaptive skills memory bank.

You can bribe your child with treats (attention, food, gifts) to get all types of conditioned behavioral responses. It can be done from infancy through adulthood. You can call this “positive reinforcement” or “love” or whatever, and it may work for a little while or a very long time, but it is still a bribe. It will always be only a bribe and it will never carry any reciprocal worth of appreciation, commitment…

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