Inevitable Extractions of Certain Selfs and the Occasional Crazy Ass Dream of Awakening – 5

(This is an ongoing story. Checkout parts 1-4 first if you want more background or relative subject matter.)

“Since you stumbled upon us, it means that you have been deemed the right to hear the conversation.” That sound, or that something-like-sound, seemed to gush out of the mouth of one of the men and that man she now also identified as being donned in a purely stunning, all-white attire. The particulars of his physical essence remained vague, but the Whiteness of him was now resounding. The “sound” seemed to erupt like fireworks or a microcosmic Big Bang from his stationary presence. Then it quickly swirled about and flooded into the space of in between everything. It ebbed immediately upon almost instantaneous permeation and gathered upon itself once more, synchronizing its flow in harmony and unison and cohesiveness. That flow, that form, then became a focused multidimensional echo that reverberated into her essence. She felt the words as much as she heard them…..but then immediately reconsidered her senses, reflecting and wondering if what she thought she had heard was somehow purely a vibration and a harmony only present within a profound meaningful silence. Was it possible to hear something in such a way?

But, before her question could be satisfactorily answered in the deeper rungs of her mind, her attention ran in a different direction. That direction was swallowed and consumed by the presence of the other man, the other vehement banterer, who sat in seeming opposition to the White. As the one man had somehow previously and in muted fashion melded or slid so silently into more expressive Whiteness, now it also became suddenly apparent to her that the other man had just as subtly and inconspicuously undergone a similar metamorphosis. His shifting of sorts, however, was juxtaposed to the White’s, and now it became clear to her that the sun had indeed set around him. Night had fallen and it’s pitch had cloaked him from head to toe in a garb of only the darkest essence. He now emanated the unadulterated concentrate of a Black Hole and radiated the aura of an Event Horizon. The Dark’s gravitational density and his impregnable boundaries of inclusion were now undeniable in their palpable intensity.

To be continued….

Cribb          2015

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