Love vs Sex 119

Relatedly, people without conscience have an uncanny sense of who will be vulnerable to a sexual overture, and seduction is another very common sociopathic technique. For most people, a sexual liaison involves an emotional tie, even if only fleetingly, and such ties are used by the coldly remorseless to get what they want—allegiance, financial support, information, a sense of “winning”, or perhaps just a temporary relationship that has the appearance of being normal. This is an easily recognized story, and another one that repeats itself often in our literature and history. But seldom do we recognize the degree of power it bestows on the sociopaths, power over individuals, of course, and also over groups of people, and institutions. A sociopath who is hiding out in an organization can have his or her tracks hidden indefinitely by just one or two normal individuals who have made the single mistake of consummating their attraction to this charmingly dangerous person. Dorren, for example, was able to pose as a psychologist primarily because letters of reference were written by two people she had manipulated sexually.

The Sociopath Next Door

Martha Stout, ph.d.          2005

Cribb Notes: I don’t believe this commentary suggests that every woman or man who uses/has used these techniques is a definitive clinical psychopath (Definition: Utterly lacking in the emotional bonding capability of a conscience and truly focused only on dominating others through manipulation and mimicry). It seems extremely apparent that people with a “conscience” are often just as, if not more so, manipulative, deceitful, and controlling in their behavior/actions. The ratio of nature to nurture seems perpetually relevant in this type of subject matter. Nonetheless, the behavior described above has been commonly observed and documented clinically, as well as socially. It is an excellent example of downward transcendence and the inherent danger of that web.

Cribb          2015

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