Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 49

Have you ever tried to argue with someone who doesn’t want something from you? It’s hard (because fear is not involved and you must operate purely on respect). Have you ever noticed in a row with someone that no longer loves you that you have no recourse? No tools with which to bargain (tools = fear). If you stroll up to a stranger and tell them that unless they comply with your demands they’ll never see you again, it’s unlikely that they’ll fling themselves at your feet and beg you not to go. They’ll just wander off (they have no reason to fear you or respect you, thus this is the most balanced and appropriate response).

When people are content, they are difficult to maneuver (lack of fear creates stability and true stability has no need or craving for constant nervous energy/argument/strife/needless alteration to distract itself from its existing genuine peace). We are perineally discontent and offered placebos as remedies (organized hypocritical-tolerant religion, making money, controlling sex, addiction to exercise/depression/manipulation/self aggrandizing attention and adulation/drugs, war/killing that other guy, stomping on that other political party, making babies, watching your sports team obliterate someone else’s sports team). My intention in writing this book is to make you feel better, to offer you a solution to the way you feel.

I am confident this is necessary. When do you ever meet people that are happy? Genuinely happy? Only children, the mentally ill, and daytime television presenters.

My belief is that it is possible to feel happier, because I feel better than I used to. I am beginning to understand where the solution lies, primarily because of an exhausting process of trial and mostly error. My qualification to write a book on how to change yourself and change the world is not that I’m better than you, it’s that I’m worse. Not that I’m smarter, but that I’m dumber: I bought the lie hook, line, and sinker (this is such an important point and I connect with it viscerally in relation to my blog – many insecure or fear ridden people immediately jump to the defensive posture that words written or offered in this nature are supremely judgemental and condescending to them – such a view is in actuality a reflection of the readers own insecurity, fear, and/or conceptualizations – Brand’s words like my own are clearly offered in the nature he so eloquently describes).

My only quality has been an unwitting momentum, a willingness to wade through the static dissatisfaction that has been piped into my mind from the moment I learned language. What if that feeling of inadequacy, isolation, and anxiety isn’t just me? What if it isn’t internally engineered but the result of concerted effort, the product of a transformation? An ongoing broadcast from the powerful that has colonized my mind (I might begin to differ with Brand slightly in this theoretical postulation – I do believe that all encompassing fear <inadequacy, isolation, and anxiety> is hard wired into our physical existence – but I theorize that this normal, healthy level of protective fear instilled within most of us has been outrageously and exponentially potentiated across humanity by those entities desiring to over-dominate all of us in one way or the other)?


Russell Brand          2014

Cribb Comments          2015

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