The Veterinarian – A Dead Dog Dance, a Hair Dryer, and Loathing Yourself slightly more than another.

From my genre The Veterinarian. This might be a surprising read for anyone. This is not a happy-go-lucky piece and at best it could be considered dark humor. The message is still a very important one and one that I will never forget.


I was working at my first job after graduating from vet school, when I walked into the clinic one morning to have the support staff greet me with the news that a patient we had been treating in the hospital overnight, had died. They had found the patient dead in the cage, and in a normal expected fashion, they had bagged the body and placed it within our freezer. The patient was actually being cared for by another DVM, who also happened to be the owner of the hospital, and thus, I did not know that much about the case or what had been discussed with the owner previously.

I did, however, know the owner of the hospital. I knew that he never referred cases under any circumstance. It did not matter if we did not have the knowledge or expertise or staff to diagnose or treat or care for…

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