Love vs Sex 118

Cribb say,

Man who chases women, like to chase, and not really like women so much. Man is player and like to play. He want to prove he smarter than all women. Some men different and think this no fun, and no play like this.

Woman who want to be chased by man, like to be chased, and not so interested in being caught. If caught, woman will always run, so man must always continue to chase. If man no chase, woman will say man don’t really like her, not that man don’t want to chase ’cause chase is only game that make man very tired. Different and tired man no play like this and eventually walk away.

Woman who want to be chased by man, eventually get man who only like to chase women, but he still chase all women, not just her. She think she really wanted by this man and she in control. He laugh at her behind her back and fuck many other women while he still chase her. He chase only to control her and other women. He smile ’cause he really in control and he have fun with her think’in she so smart.

Cribb say, listen to Fleetwood Mac:

Thunder only happens when it’s raining,
And players only love you when they’re playing.

Cribb know no one listen, so he write to self and laugh at his stupid writing.

Cribb no know why he write in first person or why he write like Confucius or caveman or Indian who smoke peace-pipe way too long, but this make him laugh too.

Cribb say play if you want to play, and love if you want love, but do not confuse. They be not the same. People play control game or love, never both at same time.

Cribb say listen to the rain.


Cribb          2014

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