Inevitable Extractions of Certain Selfs and the Occasional Crazy Ass Dream of Awakening – 4

All things……all things shimmering…was that what she now saw with her own two eyes or was it just a lucid dream originating from some previously unknown subconscious space within her mind as she listened to the continuing conversation that undulated back and forth between those two odd characters? It seemed like they talked about everything…everything, and one subject melded and merged into another, then another…….and another, and another, seemingly without end. Did they know everything or nothing? Was there any point to all of their words and grumbling and laughter? She wasn’t sure how happenstance conversation could come so easily out of nowhere, but it did for them.

The topic of their given attentions seemed like it might just pool from the pitter-pattering drops of the rain or sparkle and glimmer with ignition from a randomly radiant tickle of the sun’s illuminating warmth…..or swirl and drift and flutter and drop in the waves of inertia created by the delicate acrobatic maneuvers of a whimsical butterfly.

From masochistic and sadistic vegetarians to black holes and supernovas to the Cherokee Nation’s contribution to America’s fight in WWII to the phases of the moon, from the Winter Solstice to the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement, to drones to mustard gas to the guillotine to hot wax to safe-words, from the Russian Revolution to the Industrial Revolution to British Imperialism and General George S Patton, from love to licentiousness to suicide to murder to crucifixion to Alexandria and the Ptolemy’s, from literature to visual and auditory art to silence and cacophony, from aborigines to midgets to Siamese Twins to potheads to crackheads to Tibetan monks and Chris McCandless, from Vishnu to Mohamed to Christ to Bin Laden to Buddha and Beelzebub, from democracy to dogma to demagoguery to D-day to Dresden, from Huxley to GaGa to Rand to Obama to Goldwater to Orwell to McCarthy to Murakami to Miley, from Sushi to Saki to Stouts to Whiskey to Bourbon to Shiraz to Pinot to Buttery Nipples, from capitalism to cults to cronyism to courage to collapse to cross-checks, from fear and over-dominance to respect and the gravity of stability to Heaven to Hell to purgatory and all the endless cycles of chosen madness, from those seeking excuses to needless guilt to polygyny to monogamy to trying to be a savior to crying the tears of a clown, from terrorists to suicide to abortion to sexual repression to contraception to rape to involuntary circumcision, from the KKK to the Founding Fathers to the Godfather to the formation of Israel to Hiroshima to Robert E Lee to the Enola Gay to Ebola and the Statue of Liberty, to skinheads to shit-heads to the Sleeping Sickness to hunting to immigration to masturbation, from snakes to cats to coyotes to roadkill, from women to men to children to friends to life and to death, and on and on they went…….but….but maybe she thought, it was really more than just them per se, and more like on and on and on “all of it” went, “all of it”.

To be continued…

Cribb          2014


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