Love vs Sex 117

Cribb Comment: Very sad and very true…..the pattern most often continues…….one way or the other.

Penny savored his goose bumps. This was how Max had felt as he’d dictated her mounting ecstasy. This was power. Gone were the young blue blood’s wordy declarations of love. For him nothing existed beyond the erotic sensations he was feeling for the first time. He shuddered with ill-concealed passion as she invaded his frightened sphincter with the syringe’s nozzle and the doctored pink wine began to expand and invade his bloodstream. Penny was coaxing his body to a fulfillment which would strain the very framework of his reality.

If Penny herself felt aroused it was on an intellectual level. Tad’s groaning and squirming were proof she’d attained a mastery of human pleasure centers. She’d seen so many women acted upon. Grossly manipulated. It felt wonderful to see that she could have an equal effect on a man. Max was right about one thing: This wasn’t a battle of boys versus girls. This was about how insight into your own body gave you power over others. Penny had once been the groveling, drooling test subject. Tonight she became the master. She controlled.

Beautiful You

Chuck Palahniuk          2014

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