The Veterinarian – The Plundering and Conquering of an Island Paradise (Part 1)

Speaking truth to power and to the erroneous perception of the masses is a very difficult and dangerous thing to do. A person can easily impale themselves with the undeniable truth, because unfortunately, bringing to attention such truth makes people uncomfortable. It requires their acknowledgment which mandates contemplation and accountability of their own decisions and actions. Most seem to prefer palliative ignorance or the slight of hand deception which allows disregard for acknowledgement, contemplation, and accountability. This is the primary driving force of human behavior that allows for corporations and other centralized controllers of every sort to thrive.

I will tell you that I love my profession and that I am so committed to its practice and potential that I am willing to speak the truth about it. Furthermore, I undoubtedly believe in the decentralized beauty of the small business model. My words and my comments are directly aimed at saving the small business model (and all of my small business peers as well) from the overwhelming insanity and parasitism of corporate invasion into veterinary medicine.

Think of an untainted chain-of-islands paradise…a beautiful paradise that was enjoyable and nurturing to all of its creatures. A place of a never perfect harmony, but of exceptionally good stuff and most certainly, way better in balance and nurturing than the rest of the outside world. That was what veterinary medicine was. Never perfect and perhaps containing its own share of shysters, tricksters, and hooligans, but still with fewer numbers of those types of creatures by far than the rest of the world. Our small business decentralized chain-of-islands paradise always offered the options for a person to move (choose) from one island to the other. No power within the paradise dictated or controlled or overwhelmed all the other islands. One island might flourish due to its approach, but instead of invading all of the other islands, it enjoyed an appropriately rewarding and balanced existence in its own sphere. In addition, this flourishment was due much less to marketing or sales pitch lines (a pseudo-reality), and more so to natural adept talent and application of expertise skill. That….the natural order “reward” from actual talent and skill… helped to encourage the other islands to strive and improve through the same means as opposed instead to focusing primarily in the techniques of  pseudo-reality marketing delusion (the technique of the outside world). Well, now imagine that one day oil was found within the chain-of-islands paradise. It was discovered by corporate explorers who were looking for more oil because they had already sucked all of the oil out of the island-chain of human medicine.

We have been invaded and these corporate entities are so smart and motivated through their desire (to get all of our oil) that they have even tricked many of you into being complicit in their tactics of plundering and conquering. History is repeating itself again with these same entities who are using the same tactics that forever spoiled and poisoned the island-chain of human medicine. And oddly enough, as those corporations rewrote doctors into “savages” you should fear and themselves into your “savior” worthy of the utmost trust, they have done so again, distorting the role and the persona of the veterinarian. They have sold you on believing that we are “despotic overcharging plunderers taking advantage of you and your pet as we rake in millions and millions”, while they are gracious angels swooping in to be your glorious savior and to forevermore deliver you from our evil ways.

I will provide more details and further illustration of these points in Part 2.

To be continued…

Dr. Cribb          2014

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