Love vs Sex 115


Cribb Comment Pretext: You can choose to put a shock collar on your pet, on or in your genitals, treat the mentally insane with brain shock therapy as once was done, and/or dose your mind with the “shock” of perpetual computer, smartphone, or video game bombardment. I personally believe they are all essentially the same, and I also believe that they are all very dangerous to our true peace, stability, normal auto-corrective tendencies, and union with others (intra and extra species, no sexual innuendo intended). At a certain level of engagement with the “jolt of technology”, the removal of organic or natural order perception, sensation, and application, potentiates our isolation and detracts from our essence as organic beings. Perhaps, some feel the answers to union and transcendence and peace are not in our organic essence, and thus the above actions are free of recourse and self-delinquency. My observations lead me…

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