The Veterinarian – What Would You Do? (Part 2)

(Read Part 1 first)

That conversation fizzles out amicably into lighter topics and some silly jokes for a little while as we continue to drive down the road. The dog continues to be quite happy with just chilling out in the back seat.

Predictably, the conversation circles back to the previous topic and my friend says “Well, I did work for a homeopathic veterinarian for a little while. I liked her approach with the animals. She really took her time with things and seemed much more compassionate to me than the regular veterinarians do. When we had to euthanize a pet, she was really good about using aromatherapy and incense to provide a calm environment. I think it really helped the dogs. Some of her recommendations for my dog’s skin seemed to help a little bit, but they didn’t solve the problem either. The skin issues seem to come and go for no reason. They always seem to come back each year, no matter what I do, and over the last few years it has gotten worse. I wish someone could figure it out. I don’t like <my dog> having to suffer because no one can figure out what’s wrong with her.”

I can’t stop myself from replying to her in the most logically defined approach of my mind and experience. “Do you keep her on flea preventative? I know you said…”

“No. She is not on flea stuff right now. She doesn’t have fleas. I know she doesn’t have fleas! All the other vets always tell me I have to keep that stuff on my dog and I hate it. I told you that that Frontline shit burns her skin…..everytime….everytime I put it on she gets scabs all over her body.”

I measure my words and her behavior. Internal check; patience successfully maintained. I am able to remain stable and level as I try to bring her back to a conversation. “I understand that you don’t like Frontline..”

“I hate it.”

“But……but, I have honestly never had a problem with that product. I swear to you that in over six or eight or ten years, I have never seen a dog have the type of reaction you are describing.” And as I continue speaking, I can see her face fuming. She is even shaking her head in minimal rotations. “We used to carry it at my hospital, but we haven’t for a long, long time. When people refuse to use what I recommend and sell at the hospital, I even actually tell them that Frontline is the best over the counter product available. I have never had a problem with it…truthfully. Some people claimed it started loosing some potency, but honestly, I am not even sure of that. Anyway……so tell me, everytime you put it on, it burns her skin?”

“Everytime! I put half of it between her shoulder blades and then the other half on her butt…and everytime it does that.”

Levelly…calmly, I say “Are you sure that you are using Frontline? Because you don’t usually put it in two different spots. You normally apply it in just one location. If you are using something (a product) that said to apply it that way, you might be using a Hartz product or something else, and those products are dangerous….I would never use them. That might be why it is burning her skin.”

Her flames have returned to her face and now they have spread to her cheeks and her neck as well. “No. It is Frontline. It isn’t one of those other products. I’m sure. I have used a different product, but it was a pill. I actually like the pill better, but sometimes it is hard for me to get the pills and then I get stuck being told that I have to use the Frontline again. It pisses me off. It should be illegal. I mean how can they sell a product that is so bad?”

“I understand that you are having that experience or reaction with your dog, I hear you and I am not arguing that, but I promise you that I have never seen that type of reaction before with that product and I have probably personally known of or seen thousands of dogs treated with it.” Then, I try to subtly shift gears and complete a little problem solving in the process. “So anyway, when she has her problems is she scratching or itching? Or is it just scabs or maybe hair loss?”

To be continued…

Cribb          2014

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