Love vs Sex 118

Cribb say,

Man who chases women, like to chase, and not really like women so much. Man is player and like to play. He want to prove he smarter than all women. Some men different and think this no fun, and no play like this.

Woman who want to be chased by man, like to be chased, and not so interested in being caught. If caught, woman will always run, so man must always continue to chase. If man no chase, woman will say man don’t really like her, not that man don’t want to chase ’cause chase is only game that make man very tired. Different and tired man no play like this and eventually walk away.

Woman who want to be chased by man, eventually get man who only like to chase women, but he still chase all women, not just her. She think she really wanted by this man and she in control. He laugh at her behind her back and fuck many other women while he still chase her. He chase only to control her and other women. He smile ’cause he really in control and he have fun with her think’in she so smart.

Cribb say, listen to Fleetwood Mac:

Thunder only happens when it’s raining,
And players only love you when they’re playing.

Cribb know no one listen, so he write to self and laugh at his stupid writing.

Cribb no know why he write in first person or why he write like Confucius or caveman or Indian who smoke peace-pipe way too long, but this make him laugh too.

Cribb say play if you want to play, and love if you want love, but do not confuse. They be not the same. People play control game or love, never both at same time.

Cribb say listen to the rain.


Cribb          2014

Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 48

Lord, make me a channel of thy peace;

That where there is hatred, I may bring love;

That where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness;

That where there is discord, I may bring harmony;

That where there is error, I may bring truth;

That where there is doubt, I may bring faith;

That where there is despair, I may bring hope;

That where there are shadows, I may bring light;

That where there is sadness, I may bring joy;

Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted;

To understand, than to be understood;

To love, than to be loved.

For it is by self-forgetting that one finds.

It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.

It is by dying that one awakens to eternal life.


The Prayer of St. Francis

quoted in Revolution, Russell Brand          2015

Love vs Sex 2

Old School Love vs Sex from 2012….a Cribb original and a sample of one of the genres within my blog. Enjoy if you will.


We were created with sex organs and instincts, as we were also created with a mind, a soul, awareness, and an ability to love. We choose what to squander and what to nurture. We choose how to apply these gifts, every single one of them, from “god”. We are given the raw material, the “capacity”, and our will, our desire, our yearning for upward transcendence is what defines the application of sex/ making love as it also does for our mind, our soul, and our awareness. To sacrifice any of these gifts, and I do mean any, including sex/making love, is a crime against “god”. It is further removal from what is natural and one of the most spiritually fulfilling unions of intense existence that is possible when you incorporate all of these fore mentioned gifts into the process of giving yourself to another. A default or a prioritization of…

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Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 47

That’s why I’m on my knees now, in the toilet of the lobby of the Landmark Hotel. Praying. “God, please make me a channel of your peace.” The first line of the St. Francis prayer, popularized by Mother Teresa, bastardized by Margaret Thatcher, and cherished by those of us who have fallen through the cracks and floated ourselves back up with crack.

I just want to be a channel of the peace. The peace does exist; I don’t need, thank God, to create the peace. All I have to do is become open and the peace will come, the peace is already there. Mother Teresa, one could argue, is a testimony to the principles outlined in this prayer; through service she conquered the lower, selfish drives that serve survival and the ego, and became a tool of a Higher Purpose, or God. Margaret Thatcher’s case is less clear. What God she was serving in her systematic destruction of the values of our country as she jived in the brilliantined shadow of Ronnie Reagan is a mystery.


Russell Brand          2014

Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 46

Superego vs Conscience and Sociopathic Pseudo-Alpha vs True Alpha 

Pretext superego note: The superego grows out of a child’s ego (the rational, aware part of the mind) as a child developmentally melds this isolated ego and the external rules of his or her parents and of society, all together, into one psychological force or entity. It is the inner guilt-brandishing voice that “corrects” your behavior even when no one else is around. It can be extremely overbearing and destructive in certain people, and when especially harsh, it can create lifelong depression and/or lead to suicidal behavior or accomplishment.  


Relevance: Sociopaths/psychopaths, the worst form of a mimicking Pseudo-Alpha, may possess a superego, but they do not possess a conscience. A conscience is a sense of obligation to another individual or species based upon an authentic emotional bond. A stabilizing true Alpha does possess such a conscience, and this conscience is intimately associated with the existence of love, the force of connectedness between all living things. Of note is that the superego operates via fear and conscience specifically operates via respect and love. Conscience is the language of love, stability, peace, awareness, and upward transcendence. Without a conscience, these ideals cannot exist and transcendence is usually limited to a downward orientation.


Cribb          2014


The superego is a feature of subjective experience that most people recognize easily. “Don’t do that.” “You shouldn’t feel that way.” “Be careful; you’ll hurt yourself.” “Be nice to your sister.” “Clean up the mess you made.” “Yo can’t afford to buy that.” “Well that wasn’t very smart, was it?” “You’ve just got to deal with it.” “Stop wasting time.” Superego yammers at us inside our minds every day of our lives. And some people’s superegos are rather more insulting than others.

Still, the superego is not the same thing as conscience. It may feel like conscience subjectively, and it may be one small part of what conscience is, but superego by itself is not conscience. This is because Freud, as he conceptualized the superego, threw out the baby with the bathwater, in a manner of speaking. In ejecting moral absolutism from psychological thought, he counted out something else too. Quite simply, Freud counted out love, and all the emotions related to love. Though he often stated that children love their parents in addition to fearing them, the superego he wrote about was entirely fear-based. In his view, just as we fear our parents’ stern criticisms when we are children, so do we fear the excoriating voice of the superego later on. And fear is all. There is no place in the Freudian superego for the conscience-building effects of love, compassion, tenderness, or any of the more positive feelings.

And conscience is an intervening sense of obligation based in our emotional attachments to others—all aspects of our emotional attachments—including most especially love, compassion, and tenderness. We have progressed, over the centuries, from faith in a God-directed synderesis, to a belief in a punitive parental superego, to an understanding that conscience is deeply and affectingly anchored in our ability to care about one another. This second progression—from a judge in the head to a mandate of the heart—involves less cynicism about human nature, more hope for us as a group, and also more personal responsibility and, at times, more personal pain.


The Sociopath Next Door

Martha Stout, ph.d.          2005

Love vs Sex 1

The beginning of my Love vs Sex genre. Also, the inspiration which lead me to choose the given title of Love vs Sex and to decide to continue to explore the supposed dichotomy on an indefinite basis.


Don’t try to make someone believe in love, it will totally fuck them up. You can make them believe in a partial love, a love that will only be fulfilled some day in the future, or a love contaminated by deceit and hypocrisy, but never try to make them believe in the pure, unadulterated, overwhelming, passion of a true love. You probably shouldn’t even mention it.

Don’t ever gaze into someone’s eyes as you softly and gently kiss them on the curves of their lips and the soft angles of their face. They will pull back and look away. Don’t ever use your body to silently and reverently, worship the person you are making love to. Don’t give them all of yourself, because they will not be able to bear it. The act will have to be cheapened for acceptance.

Grinding sex organs together is safe, worship and acceptance of…

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The Veterinarian – After All of My Whining, I’m still the Who…..

Just because your dog food has the word “BLUE” in the title somewhere doesn’t mean it is awesome or the best food on the planet. People just seem to love to shout that fact out for whatever reason. They can’t describe anything else about the food like it’s nutritional breakdown and why it’s supposedly so superior or better, but they know it is the best food out there ’cause its got “BLUE” in the name. Chalk another one up to the success of herd hypnosis marketing based completely on the buzz word of a color and the religion of retail business.

Also, you are not an animal nutritionist unless you have the credentials/degree. You are not. You need to go to school for a long time to earn such a degree/education and have the experience and background information necessary to understand the theories, principles, and very important intricacies involved in that science. Just because you cook for your dog doesn’t mean you are feeding him the right/proper/balanced/healthy stuff. Just because you read an article or two on the internet, most often written by someone with no credentials or education, about canine or feline diet, does not mean the internet is an accurate or viable source for that information. Just because your dog starts refusing a proper balanced diet because you feed him way too many table scraps or junk food or “stuff that looks better than his dry dog food” does not mean you should continue that pathologic cycle of behavior and poisoning.

Sixty to Eighty-Five percent of the dogs we see are obese. They are obese because of what and how their owners CHOOSE to feed them. This obesity potentiates many diseases, significantly worsens arthritic pain, and definitively shortens their own dogs life. It further decreases the quality of their own dogs existence/life.

Just because you choose to feed a diet with “BLUE” in the title or choose to cook for your dog does not mean that what you are doing is healthy or rational or respectful or loving. Often it actually correlates with the exact opposite.

CHOICES of the nature of what I speak go far beyond diet and someone that CHOOSES like this is probably truly just focused on being the one who gets to CHOOSE whatever may be. That is really all that it is about most of the time. Other people, their kids, and their animals “responding” to their “CHOICE”…”jumping” if you will to their “CHOICE”. Not health…not help….not nurturing….not love….not care. They really don’t want to listen or put in the time for educating themselves or be introspective enough to accept that they may have made some false assumptions/mistakes and that they may need help or guidance themselves. They may go through the motions of acting like they are listening, but at the end of the charade, however elaborate, they are still going to CHOOSE their way and no one is going to convince them otherwise.

These “CHOOSERS” distort most, if not all, of the objective data you present them with. Their elaborate tactics at avoiding and distorting expert professional advice and creating delusional support and reinforcement for their “CHOICE” is utterly, utterly astounding. It is truly hard to believe until you see it day after day after day and you watch pet after pet after pet suffer as a result of their owners “professed love.”

Antibiotics that “cause itching”, pain meds that “cause a dog to feel miserable”, dogs three times their ideal body mass, suffocating in their own blubber who “aren’t obese”, classic owner fostered unsocialized canine behavior that is expressly attributed to “the previous abuse from a man or a male veterinarian”, pet insurance “that will save me money”, excruciatingly painful loose teeth that can’t be extracted because “the dog can’t eat without them”, euthanasia not based on the suffering of a pet but rather on the “owners selfish needs”, mixed breed dogs now marketed/sold as “specialized supermix breeds dogs with the best, best, best personality imaginable and the best, best, best, non-allergy producing coat available”, on and on and on the “love” goes……on and on and on the CHOICES go.

I love the minority of clients that actually listen. I love those that are willing to move beyond their own fear and selfishness and vulnerability, to learn, to consider, and to believe that I might be able to help them and their pet even if just a little bit. I love to pass my knowledge and my gift along as freely as is possible in hopes of making existence better for those people and pets and other creatures that are within my orbit. I love to make a resounding difference in any positive way and I love to help life end as gently as possible when it must.

I love all of these things and they hold me together, but on some days it can be very, very trying when the CHOOSERS surround you and act so offended and slighted at how much “you don’t understand their dog’s dietary preferences” or how much “you don’t know their pet like they do” or “how much a crook you are” for trying to just make a decent living or how “limited my knowledge must be about the physiology, anatomy, and behavior of felines, canines, avians, and exotics” because after all, I am only a veterinarian.

Perhaps instead, I should just sell pet food with a “BLUE” in it or change professions and become a rich pet insurance salesman who doesn’t have to actually care about the pets or work near as hard as I do. Perhaps, I should just keep my mouth shut and stop all the whining. After all, my profession was my choice and I might offend some clients with my words. But then, who will speak up objectively for the pets? Who will speak up for their quality of life? Who will protect them? Who will tell the people (or at least try the best they might to tell the people), to stop hurting, torturing, over-feeding, and destabilizing the pets that they so dearly claim to love? Who? The businessman? The insurance man? The breeder? The pet store clerk? The feed store owner? The fancy-dancy super-boarding facility owner? Who???

Yeah, I did choose my profession. I damn well did. I chose to be a veterinarian. I actually chose to be a good veterinarian and that comes with a significant price; a very significant and substantial price, and come hell or high water, I’ll be the best damn “Who” that I can possibly be.

After all of my whining, I’m still the Who…..I’m still The Veterinarian.

Jeff Cribb DVM          2014