Love vs Sex 110

Penny wasn’t a virgin, not when she and Maxwell has first met. She’d had sex with boys in college, a few. But only one at a time. Only boys. And never from behind! She wasn’t a pervert, and she wasn’t a slut. Her boyfriends were mostly Sigma Chis who played at being gentlemen by opening car doors for her. They’d bought icy orchid corsages and had pinned them to her dress with nervous fingers. In her experience every man thought he was a natural dance, and every one thought he was good in bed. The truth was that most men only knew one dance step—usually the pogo—and between the sheets they were like a monkey in a nature film poking at an anthill with a stick.

She’d had intercourse, but she’d never had an orgasm. Not an orgasm-orgasm, not the kind of earth-moving orgasm that made your teeth go numb, the kind she’d always read about in Cosmopolitan.

Beautiful You 

Chuck Palahnuik          2014

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