Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 39

Ya think you is a Christian liv’in Capitalist Plantation Owner, but really you just’a House Slave named Judas

(read in an old exaggerated Southern dialect for the fullest effect)

Just like you think you’re some disciple of Christ, spread’in the word and liv’in devoutly as the scripture in the good book say to, when in reality you ain’t noth’in truly mo’ than a Judas or one of them Roman Soldiers or a Pharisee, all guilty of the most willful sin and the spilling of the blood of Christ, you think….you really think that you a wealthy, white capitalist plantation owner, reap’in the benefits of your hard work and toil as you eat your foie gras and graciously allow someone else to do all your chores, when in reality you ain’t noth’in but a house slave….that’s right…you a house slave, spitt’in on all the other slaves, think’in your shit smells better than their’s, while the real white capitalist plantation owners are laughing their fat asses off at your dumb ass for be’in so damned stupid and gullible to fall for all their damned bullshit.

Amen…and may God bless us all….even those who ain’t up in the house.

Cribb          2014

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