The Kingdom of a White Knight and a Dark Lord – 1

The little girl had been watching them for a while. She might not have even known why. Perhaps, it was the gravity of some instinctual juvenile wonder that she had not as of yet cut out of her expanding awareness or maybe it was just her pure unadulterated boredom with all else within eyesight and earshot. Whatever the snare or the treat, for her it was like she had unintentionally stumbled into a dream or fallen down a rabbit hole, all alone, only to chance upon two old men who happened to be sitting across from one another arguing. Sometimes, their dueling was exaggeratingly antagonistic in every manner, phrase, movement, and expression and at others, it was more like a jousting between clowns, pranked with dark jokes, quick witted satire, perpetual baiting, and every other sort of impish behavior one might imagine. She watched as their arguing or debating or discussing or jousting or whatever the hell it was, swung this way, then that, round and round, zig and zag. She began to listen quite intently to their verbal sparing, trying to understand what subject or topic or relevance prompted such an endless discussion amongst themselves. And though for the most part it seemed they might not even know that she was there watching, once or twice, she was sure that she caught a brief peripheral glance or a very short-lived sly grin, aimed inadvertently in her specific direction.

To be continued…

Cribb          2014

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