Love vs Sex 97

Prelude: The narrator of this passage is the mother of “she”. “She” does not know that the narrator is her mother and that her mother has secretly provided, monitored, and observed her life anonymously for many years. The narrator is an albino hunchback dwarf. The “she” is essentially a normal gorgeous sexy female with an incredible sketching (art) talent. “She” has been actively petitioning and charming (essentially manipulating) the narrator to pose as a subject for her drawings, because “she” feels such a subject will guarantee her first place in an art competition.

The dynamic illustrated below, however, certainly transgresses this mother-daughter relationship and its application to a typical mate to mate relationship should be more than obvious.


Suddenly the staggering love bursts away from me like milk from a smashed glass. She is manipulating me. Pushing me around as though I were nothing but a mobile stomach like the news vendor. She fancies she has me under control. Red anger blisters my guts. She doesn’t see me at all. She doesn’t know who she is dealing with. I am the watcher, the mover, the maker. She is just like her father, casually, carelessly enslaving me with my love. She doesn’t know the power that keeps me here. She thinks it is her charm and guile.

Geek Love

Katherine Dunn           1983


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