Love vs Sex 87

Baby Elephants, Backpacks, Toes, and Toddlers…..and the Plenty of Love they Swim Among

Fives of high and highs of five,

Shared legs of long and ginger though blonde, 

Fire Crackers big and small explode, sparkle in dance around each other they do…..

teasing, talking, prancing, pranking.

Ying and Yang, hand in hand…

The dilemma of choice…

and hormones too and such,

…it gets us all in our awakening,

and a mother’s care and approach silently whispers to my heart the secrets of all that ever matters.

Then too to know I helped that Little Love laugh and move forward…

perhaps selfish in introspect,

still is so sweet to my soul,

as synergy swallows all of us in its graceful power,

Facing North, we all smile.


‘Keets that flutter and Ryder’s that walk and climb…..and slumber so sound and swift,

The legs of a Queen which can’t be ignored…

to tenderly touch and worship in utmost blissful tactility…

My soul is so easily gifted to her, as her sole I do take.

Irresistible, her sole… enchantingly it beckons…the curves, the most supple vulnerability…

and the eyes which follow along with the broken rhythm of her breath,

Sensuous and silly alluring torture of her toes…my plan of attack and surrender.


I sit under the crowds…

the eyes of most who think they see,

in the presence of lumbering backs of silver…

Looking up at her, all else does fade,

Never wanting to fail her,

Nor them,

Nor myself,

I dream of Supernovas…

embryonic, juvenile, and mature,


And gloriously,

all of these dreams merge with one another to become my enchanted reality…

I love her and all that she is.


Me to Her          2014


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