Love vs Sex 86


Don’t ya ask me to love ya with half me heart…I can’t do it.
Don’t ask me to temper my eagerness…it’s simply not meant to be.
Don’t tell me everything that’s wrong with ya….’cause it matters not.
Don’t ya say to me it’s complicated…because it sure as hell ain’t.
Don’t warn me of ye damn madness…just fuckin invite me into it.
Don’t take my love for castle block or millstone meant to weigh your pretty ass down…it’s given as freely as the shinning sun and the gale wind which soars o’er the mountain tops and dances beneath the wings of the Peregrines.

Don’t think I won’t love ye children either…for they are you and you are they…ye are one…and such a one to adore…and hopefully join…ne’er to separate.

Don’t ya think I don’t mean it…don’t ya think I don’t damn well mean it.


Me to Her          2014

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