Love vs Sex 85 (#5 on Tantric Sex)

Note: This kind of reiterates what was stated in LvsS 81, but it is important enough to reintroduce these specific concepts once more.


In the Western world, goals, plans and time rule our lives. In fact these days it is almost chic to be busy and often we keep busy to avoid facing the insecurities or anxieties we may feel about love and intimacy. How often have you been too busy for love? And then when you found some time, it was the last thing at night, a quick fifteen or twenty minutes before you went to sleep. Or it was a quickie first thing in the morning before work.

In this kind of sex, time has entered our lovemaking, and brought with it the pressure that something has to happen, and fast! So in our desire to create pleasure quickly, we move immediately toward orgasm because it feels good. In contrast, Tantra tells us that lovemaking needs time, lots and lots of unhurried time.

When we give ourselves this opportunity we find beautifully fresh and unexpected experiences, where the energy itself celebrates differently each time. You cannot possibly get bored.


Many of our problems, anxieties, and unhappinesses, even illnesses, have their source in sexual issues.

When we validate sexuality by incorporating consciousness as nature and God intended, we discover sex to be a healing natural force. And surprisingly, the sexual interest does not gradually burn out as is commonly experienced by lovers. In glaring contrast, the attraction increases. The sexual experience gets finer and finer as time passes, the genitals learning to respond to each other with a new ecstatic “intelligence.”        


The Heart of Tantric Sex

Diana Richardson           2003

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