The Christ Move – 2


But a much greater fear, subconscious or overt, is the actuality and challenge of a true stabilizing force that has an undeniable aura of authenticity and balance and compassion and integrity, for such a force will expose all for what it is. Such a force can’t be bought or sold, and it isn’t relative to being on your side or against you. It is the force of natural order and you are taught and taught and taught that it is too good to believe in. You are taught to speak of it like it is real, like it is the approach that you and everyone else always takes, but then to always omit its existence as a factor in the decisions you make and the behaviors you perform. Nonetheless, it’s physical presence changes everything…the whole damn equation. It is like toppling the first domino and knowing the chain reaction that must occur. When fear and over-dominance are eliminated, all of the neurotics, especially those of king and queen ranking, lose all of their power, control, and influence immediately. This is the single reason we must pretend a truly destabilizing state is the “norm” and this is why the herd has been so indoctrinated by themselves and others to believe such garbage even at the expense of their own quality of life. Most, simply are not strong enough to lead in a balanced, stable, natural order existence. They just aren’t. Most people that cheat, cheat because they have to cheat to have a chance at winning or coming out on top. Some people don’t have to cheat to “win” or “come out on top.” That is the difference in the stability of natural order versus the destabilizing (cheating) power play which is constantly pit against it.

To be continued…

Cribb          2014

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