Love vs Sex 80 (#3 on Tantric Sex)

The secret of Tantra, and its prime interest, is that sexual energy is encouraged to be retained in the body. It is not habitually released in orgasm or ejaculation. It remains within the body and is recirculated, and through this we fulfill our orgasmic potential. In this the second half and ascending phase, sexual energy is given the opportunity to circulate back to its source in the brain, so as to revitalize and nourish the “master” glands (pineal and pituitary) in the body. These glands have a profound influence on health. Sexual activity is known to release many hormonal factors that positively affect body and attitude, and since ancient times sex has been associated with longevity and spiritual illumination. When sexual energy can be re-absorbed, recycled, sex becomes a revitalizing, energizing force. This is known as the spiritual or generative phase of sex, and here the genitals are viewed reverently as generative organs. Accessing this second phase of our sexual energy by allowing it to turn inward and upward, is the revelation of Tantra.

It shows us that sex can be directed to create more life, not simply another life.   


The Heart of Tantric Sex

Diana Richardson          2003

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