The Christ Move – 1

It seems that the Christ move is almost always required to make a difference…to make or help someone somewhere see the truth through un-glitched or unglazed-over sight. You just can’t speak and easily relate the absolute meaning of truth, balance, peace, stability, and the utmost importance of observational, rational, introspective deduction to almost anyone, often including yourself, and actually have them (or yourself) hear, perceive, and register that information accurately with a willing desire of application. The madness, the rewritten distorted reality, and the inherent instability have just gotten too much of a grip on everyone and everything. It is this existence of perpetual bombardment by doublespeak, doublethink, and groupthink that makes individual sanity, true balance, and genuine unrelenting peace almost unattainable. Such, is simply too hard, requiring too much individual application and focus by and on oneself. Everyone finds the immediate gratification of diving into such explosive nervous (unstable) energy too irresistible….a pseudo-transient-feeling of immediate peace and comfort from unity with the destabilizing herd chosen over a perpetual existence of less exciting and perhaps seemingly boring stability and balance. It parallels the short-term racing intoxication of a drug versus the hum drum of un-intoxicated life. Both are transcendence…from the drug, most likely horizontal…..but through a communion of destabilizing tormentable energy (which I could easily equate to the gallows of Hell) could it be anything more than downward (transcendence)? I think not. And whether or not a sinner has deceivingly brainwashed himself into believing his sins are not really sins does not change the undeniable fact that his sin is still sin regardless of his delusion…and more importantly his sin (downward transcendence) is not only against himself, but even more so against existence itself. So, humanity through willful or apathetic delusional acceptance, continues to sin and propagate such sins (again downward transcendence) throughout all of existence to drown out any separatist voice or word that might literally change the reality for all if given an audience of any sort. That is the danger. As long as true stability is eliminated from the equation, then the kings or queens of neurotics can over-dominate all of the other lesser neurotics without even the effort or sacrifice of being balanced and fair and uplifting to all. And the endless hierarchy of tiered over-dominance that trickles down under the kings and queens is the same….all of it built on the ease of the most selfish lie of a norm of supreme ego-centric unbalanced behavior. All of the kings and all of queens and all of the subjects then operate on a currency of “accepted and normalized” destabilization which is always complicit with the bonds of interrelated fear. This stoked fear provides the excuses for the reciprocal destabilization of the new norm in every, every realm (business, government, religion, relationships, children, pets, etc.)

It is a giant pyramid scheme of exhilarating destabilization where the bullshit “sales pitches” flow perpetually and exuberantly in a mantra of support and encouragement and mass delusion for all, to make those on the lower ranks “buy in” and constantly feed those at the top (with power, servitude, and/or money), while those at the top retain their “undeserved” power, status, and influence on all only via their bastardization of the principles of natural order and the delusions associated with such that they craft and project into the psyche of the more gullible masses.

To be continued…

Cribb          2014

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