Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 22

The Truth of Measure by Children and Dogs

Interestingly, if you want to see if there is a disconnect between the stabilizing structure that a person states they are capable of implementing and the actual structure, or lack thereof, they are actually implementing, you can look directly at their children and their dogs. The children and the dogs instinctually know a bluffer and false words without consequence or true intent mean nothing to them. I might even add that the more words exchanged, especially in front of others, in such a situation tends to correlate directly with the lack of truly implemented and defined structure. Pure and simple, the measure is seen in the behavior. Such a lack of stabilizing structure radiating from a person will be identified viscerally by a child or dog, and will be accurately identified as weakness and a force that they should attempt to dominate. If these attempts are not balanced by the parent or owner, if instead the parent or owner over-dominates (instilling a fear response permanently in the psyche of the being) or under-dominates (spoils, enables, and encourages further egocentric unbalanced behavior) the child or dog, significant behavioral disorders will inevitably infect these creatures and most often remain with them for the remainder of their existence.

Cribb          2014

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