Veterinary Medicine, Wal-Mart, and the Plan that doesn’t Exist

This is another article illustrating the “non-existing plan” to control veterinary medicine through corporate entities. This legislation and propaganda is directly attributable to Wal-Mart. My head technician discovered this after exploring and researching a rather intricate internet trail of a conglomerate of companies, profit and non-profit, which are linked to the manufacturing and distribution of generic veterinary medications.

This law and the benefits of such are distorted, and as I continue to say over and over, if passed it will only cost you more money, forever and ever. Again, this is exactly what happened in human medicine and exactly what lead to the current human medical field fiasco of corporate control and parasitization.

I honestly believe that the AVMA is only going through with this opposition “to appear to care and be opposed to the law”. In reality, I believe they want the law passed and I also believe they are more than complicit with the corporate invasion into veterinary medicine. This is just one of the barriers that needs to be broken down “to provide additional reasons” for veterinarians as a whole to employ more corporate strategies in other directions to maintain their own “required” revenue, including pet insurance and preventative payment plans, managed by third party interests, as the new norm of veterinary medicine. As a result you will pay more and be subjected to all the third party madness inherent when any middle man parasitizes a previous two party system.

Jeff Cribb DVM          2014           

The link: The AVMA Challenges Wal-Mart’s push to make Veterinarians Script Out

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