Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 20


Our lives, including the workplace, commerce, religion, family, personal relationships, pets and even just the idea of individual peace has been rewritten from a natural order of balance and respect for all to an unstable schizophrenic egocentric relative philosophy and application, where at the core of the unstable and thus highly manipulable person (in actuality the masses), resides an entity that ignores the reality of natural order and the supreme overriding importance of stability (again for all), and instead rewrites their own selfish fictional existence (the Matrix) to provide themselves with perpetual “excuses” to label, deconstruct, manipulate, parasitize, boogeyman-itize, disrespect, over-dominate and ultimately destabilize others.

The act of destabilization towards any creature, in any form or manner, no matter how well it is sugar-coated or polished over with a smile, or enacted out of ignorance or “programming” or “excuse” or supposed self-preservation, is vile.


Cribb          2014


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