Love vs Sex 73

Running Like Hell

The only reason you would want a relationship (any relationship) based on omission, delusion, lies, secrets, or ignorance is to provide you with either a perpetual “excuse” to justify whatever you want to justify (fear, cheating, being a bitch or bastard at your whim, etc) or so that you may control/manipulate the relationship.

Either is absent of respect and therefore in my opinion unbalanced and destabilizing.

Of personal challenge to myself and my methods is the paradoxical issue that most people are truly unable to handle/process/accept direct truthful communication especially when backed by action and overwhelming evidence.

Literally, most run like hell in the opposite direction to the “comfort” of mutual destabilizing deception or the “excuse” of an inadequate and disrespectful partner. Oddly, these dynamics, having become the accepted norm of all relationships, result in most people feeling much less pressure and anxiety and threat, than what they experience in the presence of a no-excuse-giving and truth disclosing, über respectful partner.

Thus the engine of progressive destabilization is explained in all relationships and honestly, throughout all of our society. The overwhelming masses choose….actively choose self-destabilization and madness, implicit with delusion, deception, lies, and fear, BECAUSE they would rather have an excuse themselves to be weaker, less stable, more manipulative, and more self-centered, than to actually accept the responsibility of their own thoughts, actions, words, and deeds….and ultimately, their own balance and stability.

For this overwhelming majority, their “happiness” is based not upon the true peace identifiable and untouchable in a balanced person of spiritual awareness, but upon inflicting delinquency upon others, conquering them, manipulating them, subjugating them, perpetually driving them down or making them “look stupid” or “easy to manipulate” so that they themselves “feel” much better about their own inadequacies and their own unrelenting instability. The gradation of madness and execution of subjugating demonic rule becomes the standard of supremacy and existence (their self-worth)…not truth, not freedom and open acceptance, not balance, not respect, not peace, not unity….not a unity of supreme transcendence, and thus, never of love.


Cribb          2014

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