The World

In the days when the skies were unrivaled and the Heavens tired of its companionless state, a consortium was created to evolve space into land, and land into life. A one-sided consortium it was, based upon the understanding that faith would prevail and status would be not only developed but adhered to. Such agreements could be later attended to through the realization of miracles by way of scriptures of prodigal proportions.

In the beginning, all was well. Celestial orbs were aligned with a burning star – not coincidently, in order of necessity – and magnetic forces were created to keep the new curios in place. Soon these orbs began to take shape and in doing so sprouted growing things and breathing things and things that metamorphosed into other things that nourished all things that were to grow. As such curiosities came to be, nothing remained the same save the Heavens that bore the fruit of this fostering care.

And so it was, and so it had become, that one such orb set a precedent for life and the growing thereupon. ‘Twas the only life within a boundless universe, tiny as it may be. ‘Twas the scripture that made such proclamations and such proclamations became fact. Such fact became apparent when the power of one tiny fruit, untimely consumed, thrust its power upon an entire species, administering a vulnerability that maintained status quo for thousands of years.

Yet somewhere, once upon a timeline, facts came under questioning. Ideas were developed against the fairy tales that were told on Sunday mornings and to every child that lay thee down to sleep. Such ideas were accepted among a populating attendance, and names were given to binding categories of idealism and devotion, the likes of which could not be shared among individuals of any other category or viewed as equal in any form.

As time went on, these categories – or sects – bore leaders who would play the role of spokesperson, spawning pecking orders much the same as the Heavens and the orbs. More categories were created and more ideas were formed. More stances were taken, more disagreements embraced, more division felt as though it were necessary, more battles were fought, more wars were waged, more leaders were dethroned or murdered on grounds of disagreeing ideology, more tiny pieces of fruit were untimely consumed.


And the understanding of faith was never realized.

Then there was a silence so great that the Heavens realized their error. As they looked down upon the curios previously created, remembering the growing things and the nourishing things and the fruit that was meant as a gambol, the feeling commenced that they were not curios at all. Rather, they had become a sense of gratification, a feeling of accomplishment, and beings of equality that deserved not a pecking order but uniformity in unison with the boundless universe. But it was much too late for annulling, for the damage had been done. The Heavens knew they had been bested by the very best of their creations.

They could no longer look down upon structures that reached so far towards the sky that they appeared within their reach. The ones that arose as twins were the very ones to have succumbed to simultaneous devastation.

They could no longer look down upon bodies of water – frozen to the north and south and flowing in between – for the affliction had become so great that the orb had produced its own fever that was beyond reversal.

They could no longer look upon the shores that the edges of these bodies of water rested upon. They had held so much weight for such a long spell that they crumbled and fell into the warmness of the seas.


They could no longer look down upon a species that was of such brilliance as to form their own societies, their own currencies, their own remedies, but also their own eradication. All had perished, one by one, and fell victim to the Heavens’ revelation that was borne of a jealous fruit they, too, had untimely consumed.


Companionless again, and still void of faith. Intentions were lost where reality was found.

And so it was, and had once again become, that the Heavens stood at the alpha of a timeline, searching for a better route to omega, and hoping to realize their own miracles in between.

David Caudill

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