The Suicide Seat, a Jedi Master, Cruising with the Windows Down, and an Education Wished Upon (Part 1)

I am sitting in the suicide seat at the Waffle House. That is the name of the single seater at the high bar which is immediately next to the cash register and almost directly in front of the dish washing station. People continuously approach, stand, and pay at the register. Some are friendly, some not so friendly, some are loud, some are nosy, some take up a lot of space wherever they may be…even if it isn’t their space to take up. On this particular occasion, one gentleman who paid at the register intensely reminded me of “The Bug” from Men in Black. His mannerisms, his unruly somewhat oily asymmetrical lumpy bed head, and his wife beater tee, kept prompting me to believe that sooner or later, he might contort his face with an odd snarl and ask for suuugggggarrrrrrrrrrrr. Alas, he did not, and neither did I see him leave the parking lot in some type of alien saucer rocket. During this time, I was also fortunate enough to only get hit once by the friendly fire of the dish washing spigot…..a few moderately sized drops that sprang over the defensive ramparts of a menu and several syrup bottles which were lined up in an atypical place on the counter for some reason that still remains unknown to me. Another primary aspect of the suicide seat is that you are fully immersed into the kitchen and its energy swirls, vortexes, and back drafts which remain constantly ever-changing…..and frequently violently so. I call it the suicide seat, because it is part of my spiritual training… withstand persistent distraction, assault with water torture, and unstable and negative energy forces that spontaneously overtake portions or all of the kitchen and the floor due to the stress level of all and the normal tendency of people toward downward transcendence in any situation,….. and to counter those forces with maintaining your own sanity and stability, and dare I even say happiness, is quite a spiritual exercise…and the advanced version of the exercise, which happens to be even more rewarding, is to inject yourself and your will into the chaotic environment and help transform any negative destabilizing energy that may erupt into its stabilizing “bizarro” twin, the light…..feel the damn Force Luke…and don’t just feel it….try to illuminate its overwhelming beauty until it is undeniable to all and then spread that shit everywhere. Be a Jedi Master in deed as well as word. It isn’t about your own pettiness. 

To be continued…
Cribb          2014

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