A Glorious Savior versus the Insane

I am talking with a woman and she decides she wants to tell me a story about going to the shelter and looking at cats for adoption. She describes a very cool affectionate feline that she was particularly interested in and mentions how many …so many cats…they had in the shelter. Then, she says “But you know, they charge $125 to adopt a cat…can you believe that?….that is a lot of money…I can’t believe they charge that much…that’s insaannnne!” She catches her breath and continues “At Petsmart, their adoption fee is only something like $25…and they give you all kinds of coupons…coupons for free food…and a bed…the collar and leash…some toys and more…it’s like $300 worth of coupons.” And the excitement and thrilling bargain of such a price and offer through Petsmart is as palpable in her words as is her disdain and shock at the totally illogical and unreasonable adoption fee from the county shelter. “So, I think we are just going to wait until we can find a similar cat at Persmart…he was an awesome cat…but…well, you know.” I don’t even try to educate, challenge, or rebut her assumptions or conclusions, because as you should have noticed, she never ever asked my opinion about the matter. She “knows” what she “knows” and she wants to just “tell me about it.” Sounds like the perfect sales pitch doesn’t it…the perfect…..comfortable sales pitch?

And reality doesn’t matter, but coupons and marketing do, no matter the degree of their deception. It is simply something you don’t question…it is the new tried and true, reasonable and rational norm. A corporate brand name selling easily bought bullshit….. hook, line, and sinker above the more empathetic and non-profit driven county shelter…a shelter though certainly not perfect, where many people volunteer their time and labor, free of charge or significantly reduced from the norm.

I don’t know if I should be more discouraged by the corporate approach and delusional indoctrination they artfully practice with the masses or the people who seem so eager for such tricks and brainwashing, but I do know that these things sadden me greatly, and I do know that as long as this “system” continues, we will go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of our own destruction.

Petsmart has become our glorious savior and the county shelter of volunteers and minimal wage employees, doing all of the grind work, has become “insane and highly overpriced.” Really? And the world isn’t being turned upside down?

Cribb          2014

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