Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 14

True Balance and Because


Do you want a world where you must self-regulate despite all else…meaning removing all of the excuses of everything and everyone else’s behavior from your rational…meaning you always have to do the right thing…always the balanced thing…always the appropriate, higher, up lifting, and stabilizing thing, no matter what….no matter what? Or do you really want a reality of excuses…of plausible reasons and rational to employee your own selfish, greedy, deceptive, manipulative, and destabilizing behavior on all, but just because of this, that, them, or the other? Because you have to survive… because your business has to survive… because everyone else is doing it… because she’s such a bitch…because he’s such a dick… because she lied to me… because he kissed or fucked someone else… because she talked to someone else in the bar… because I work much harder than they do… because they are just damn stupid… because ya can’t trust ’em… because then they’ll think they won… because he is a playboy… because he is just super serious all the time and can’t relax… because if I fuck you, someone will think me a slut… because if I let go of all the bullshit and have an orgasm with you that might make me vulnerable as hell… because they are Muslims… because you voted for Obama… because you call yourself conservative… because they have more money than you do… because they are on welfare… because they don’t have a real job… because they don’t speak your language… because, because, because, because, because…

Because “their excuse”, your “projected and self-rationalized excuse of them” gives you “your excuse” to not self-regulate and not remain balanced. It gives you an excuse to be weak and vile. It gives you a reason to destabilize the world further and plunder the wreckage and mayhem….all because of someone or something or anyone or anything else but yourself and your own willful choice. But, this is all madness and insanity…and it leads only to a mostly silent hell of progressive destabilization on earth for all, BECAUSE almost all of it is a lie and what is not a lie has been taken, twisted, and molded into a tool of your own device.


Cribb          2014

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