Love vs Sex 71

Any Other Woman

If you are a bigger woman you should be proud and happy with yourself. You should be at peace with yourself. The same should apply if you are a skinny woman, a sexy/revealing woman, a conservative shy woman, a conformist woman, a renegade woman, a gym rat woman, a couch potato woman, or an any other woman of any sort.

If you are not proud, happy, and at true peace with yourself, as you are, do something about it, and don’t ever make it someone else’s problem. It isn’t their problem. It is yours, bought and sold.

It is a particularly interesting and quite common observation to see certain girls and women who dress very scantily….cleavage up and out…popping so to speak…or with their midriff uncovered or their panty margins showing just above the lowered waste line of their pants….or with a good portion of their distal ass cheeks peaking out “from the sheets” of their shorty short shorts….or revealingly, displaying the numerous sexy curves and shapes exposed by those oh-so-skin-tight fitting yoga pants……….that then behave so damn uncomfortable or worried or concerned about their appearance or lack of clothing as they sit, stand, talk, or walk before you. Pulling your shirt or blouse up or your sweater over continuously to cover your intentionally very uncovered and exposed breasts is objectively ludicrous and self-defeating one way or another. It is painful to watch such a schism…the associated compulsive and repetitive subconsciously generated physical reactions in constant conflict and perpetual antagonism to probable willful desire of expression of your own bodies sexuality and charisma.

Be….truly be who you want to be. Be proud and happy with yourself. Be at peace with your actions, your body, your sexuality, and your clothing.

If you are not at peace, natural order is trying to help you correct the schism…it is trying to autocorrect you. You should listen to it; that which is always more natural…and obviously less of an artificial or man made construct than the opposing and maddening forces or fear that have been instilled within your psyche for the purpose to control you.

Cribb         2014

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