Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 13

To Hide or Not to Hide and the Reason Why

Direct, balanced, definitive, and clear conversation and communication has been deconstructed progressively by all of society because all of society fears the real truth of reality…..and fears even more so the removal of all excuses present in their convenient self-delusional armory used routinely to justify their own insecurity, bully behavior towards others, selfish unbalanced and unstable ranting and spiraling, parasitic manipulation of others, and despotic desire for supreme control of those they supposedly love instead of maintaining love as a relationship of true balanced respect. Avoiding such conversation and communication openly with whoever on whatever level, whether it be employees, customers, friends, family, or lovers and whether it be about sex, business, morality, religious doctrine, politics, or mental disease and instability, implicitly means that you choose to horde your own “plausible” unchallenged excuses forevermore. It means you prefer the wiggle-room of your unspoken, unshared, and outwardly undefined rational for your behavior, no matter how unhealthy it may be to your own psyche or others, as opposed to facing the truth (about yourself and others) which ultimately is the only force capable of delivering peace unto your soul and balance throughout the existence of all. If and when you scream frantically in panic or distress at those who do speak, and who do write, with the intention of direct, balanced, definitive, and clear communication, you should ask yourself why your are so offended….why you are so terrified…you should ask yourself why that agitates your soul so damn much. Do you really want to achieve a state of peace and balance with the world or would you rather hide in the excuses of your non-spoken, secreted thoughts of unchallenged isolation? Most prefer to hide and they want you to hide too.


Cribb         2014

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