Love vs Sex 68

I like your pants around your feet…

and could that possibly…in the most remotest realms of improbability… properly nurturing to you and your soul…..could it be the primary thing that helps you to let go of your silly damn fight and regret and fear…..could it be the most natural and visceral act capable of allowing you to exhale from the holding of your breath….

and could it also be rewritten and bastardized and filled with bullying games of neurotic control…could it be used to further destabilize a diseased psyche… crush others….to kill the natural beauty of union and fucking… torment another because it will make you feel more in control and help you to ignore your own torment….could you block the proper sexual union offered by another with your own tricks because you were terrified of letting go and trusting another…..terrified of what might happen if you actually did so…

it could…

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