Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 8

How Bizarre…

The issue is that almost no one….damn near no one, can say what they mean or what they want or what they need or what they truly desire. I used to believe this was simply an issue of people not wanting to appear vulnerable to others or maybe never having been fortunate enough to experience company that would actually listen and interact with such efforts of communication. For some reason, it also seemed or was assumed by me that these “glitches” of madness predominated by far the projected supposed positive behavior or statements of goodwill, empathy, and intention that others so easily proclaim as the gospel of their feelings and actions. In other words, I thought their disconnect with actuality and correlating their actions with their words was only directed at “sappy face painting or marketing of their image” to build their own image up for themselves or others (to combat insecurity), to pretend they were much much happier than they really were in truth (holding their breath and trying to get the tail to wag the dog), and attempting to comply with some ludicrous religious doctrine that had been imprinted (nurtured) unnaturally and tortuously upon their true natural order soul. But, I have come to understand that this same “almost no one” maintains this perpetual disconnect of reason and word throughout all behaviors, positive or negative, and the disconnect is not really between their mouth and their conscious thought, it is truly and profoundly between their Team Mouth and Conscious Thought versus their Team Subconscious. It is almost always easy to isolate and illustrate their empty and inconsistent words, and with a little effort you can explore and map out what they “really THINK they believe”….how their minds have falsely wrapped, packaged, and marketed to their conscious, almost reflexive thinking, a version of palatable reality that tends to be very inconsistent with their documentable subconscious behavior. This subconscious, typically cyclical, ultimate behavior (their cycle) tells the truth of their being. It is the reflection of the core of the given individual. You cannot…..simply cannot rely upon the overwhelming majority of people to express anything of true merit and intent through their gob-stoppers or even in their own accurate description of their own conscious thought. How fucking bizarre is that?….how fucking bizarre…..but you can bet your sweet, sweet ass it is supremely true.


Cribb         2014

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