Love vs Sex 66


Starbuck was always a beautiful sexy creature and an Angel desired by almost everyone because of her energy and her drive…..that fact is undeniable…..even though she often felt lost and misunderstood and confused by what others sold to her as “love”. Starbuck was a true creature of the heavens and she fell into the trap of trying to live as a lesser creature and be “happy” by being appreciated for the most part by lesser creatures. She thought that was the answer, but it was her prison…they could not understand her beauty…,could not really appreciate it….so they rewrote her and ripped her wings off of her body….fractured her soul with clever tricks and control mechanisms to turn that beautiful Angel into a beast more like themselves. They told her she should be happy “living” like this, but she was not and she could never be.


Cribb         2014



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