My First Two Times 6

She was half my age….half…..when we met for the first time. Her mother had been a long time client and she had spoken with me previously about her daughters inquisitive interest in possibly pursuing a doctorate in veterinarian medicine. I don’t really remember this mom’s specific description of her daughter. I am sure it contained some healthy pride and a concern for her daughter to continue down a nurturing and proper path, no matter where it might specifically lead. I do know that this mother had mentioned to me that her daughter was extremely intelligent and that she had been plagued by some very harsh demons earlier in her life. Her daughter….this young woman, had somehow survived those almost unsurmountable demons and as part of that survival, had enrolled into Georgia Tech a year or so earlier than the norm to help stimulate and engage and satiate her intellectual curiosity and awareness. Mom had simply asked me to allow her daughter to volunteer at my hospital for a little while so she could get a better understanding and feel for the factual reality of the practice of veterinary medicine.

Who really knows how much of my memory is or is not clouded with romantic delusion or perhaps tainted by overriding lascivious lust, masked as something other than itself, but I always attempt and have always attempted my best to be honest with myself, and this is what I remember to be most true. My first memorable glance at her recorded the image of a beautiful, vibrant, youthful, energetic creature. This creature, immediately captivating to my attention in a rare way that I find almost impossible to ignore, seemed to stand slightly taller in height than most women. Perhaps it was just her posture that elicited that perception in my mind or maybe it was an accurate objective observation due to the elegant combination of her physical parameters coupled with her tenacious will that raised her frame to its, shall I say, commanding height. She had a thick, dark, dreamy, and untamed mane that swept this way and that, teasing her shoulders…and my eyes on a perpetual basis. It was a mane that you simply wanted to be entangled within forever. The margins of her lips reached wide, but not unpleasantly so…..and their width complimented their moderate thickness, forming the mouth of a regal queen or a sultry jazz singer or a feral warrior princess or an intoxicated mischievous nymph or a well respected professional who could articulate her expect opinion with eloquent empathy. A few soft freckles seemed to dance like gentle embers from cheek to cheek as they rose and fell across the bridge of her nose and her eyes shone with a sparkle that thirsted to shine forevermore with all of the wonder and amazement present in every little thing that crossed the field of her vision. At the same time, those eyes also revealed an uncommon ferociousness and tenacity which lurked just below their shinning reflection. And deeper still, if you knew how to search for it, you could see her vehemently conquering and productive, but oh so self-endangering, dark-sided secondary core reactor which had been ignited and remained fueled by the fierce flames of her deepest pain and agony and fear and spite. A mighty hellion cohabited within the shadows of the exuberant angel in this mercurial lady of the fay. Her attire of that first moment of contact and what I remember to be her default norm was a comfortable, close fitting cotton shirt flanked by a tight fitting, light weight black hoodie with both of its sleeves pulled up to her mid fore arms. Jeans covered her lower half and her feet normally donned running shoes or Keens. The overall form of her body was fairly skinny, but it was definitely decorated with very pleasant and noticeable curves of sumptuous sustenance in the regions of her chest, hips, and ass.

To be continued…

Cribb          2014


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