Love vs Sex 63

Love vs Sex 63

One weekend a few years ago, I took the second woman that I had ever fallen in love with on a backpacking trip into the Cohutta WIlderness area. We parked my WRX at Betty Gap and then hiked in on the Conasauga River Trail which happens to criss-cross back and forth across the river throughout its meandering course. About 2.5 hours later, we pitched camp around the junction of that river and trail with the Panther Creek Trail. That night involved listening to the background music of a Cicada symphony and the trickles and splash of the Conasauga River while we sat, laughed, talked, and acted together like little giddy children in front of a Fairy Fire. In the morning, I woke before my girlfriend and decided to let her sleep for as long as she would naturally. I left the tent and decided to quietly explore the nooks and crannies of the surrounding land and the river. The varying colors, textures, shades, formations, densities, and shapes of pure unadulterated nature always capture my intrigue and attention, and somehow that spontaneously lead me to decide on a plan to create a simple unusual and unexpected message for my friend. It probably took about thirty minutes for me to sort out enough of the atypically colored rocks from the stream for my presentation, but once that was done, I laid out the words that you can see in the picture. I actually made a video, part of what I was calling at the time, my “Document the Beauty Tour” and in it, panned the river in all directions, noting the untamed beauty and flow, captured a brief glimpse of my still sleeping companion in the tent at our campsite, and then mentioned in closing that I had surprising discovered a very strange rock formation that appeared to contain an important message. I panned slowly to the message, yielded the feign of my supposed “find”, and said “Baby, this is for you.” Then I read the words in the picture. When my friend finally woke, before showing her the video, I walked her over to the area of the message and let her discover it in person as she stood in the gentle rays of the morning sunshine.

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