Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 4

The Alpha vs the Bully

You lead by respect or fear.

Overwhelmingly, in our society especially, 98% of people attempt to lead by fear. You see this in their holier than thou approach to others (they may say they believe in freedom, but they really don’t….just their version of freedom) , in their vehement anger at some (which is really anger directed at all), and in their constant efforts to truly destabilize the pack they belong too (work environment, relationships, friendships, family). This destabilization is sometimes overt, but often passive-aggressive in nature and the “bully” (unstable Beta or unstable Alpha) WILL WEAKEN or attempt to weaken all others in the pack to make “everyone” more dependent on them. They will do so as they pretend they are your savior (but they will reinforce your addictions, your insecurities, your anxieties, your excuses, your traps, your limitations….your reasons to never walk away from them or become strong enough to stand on your own as a stable entity independent of them). They will very very rarely speak truth or independent thought because they are truly a “parrot” or a “pretender” of an Alpha. They are not strong enough to possess independent stable thought. Their words and behavior, their bullying techniques are all copied from other neurotics who fucked them over sometime previously in their life. The “bully” doesn’t really believe in stability or balance…..not truly. They honestly, deep down below, believe all of life is a trick or charade and anyone who is preaching stability or balance is really a liar themselves….a more clever deceiver of everyone….an expert at implementing delusion so they may gain CONTROL. These bullies never grow….never find peace because they don’t truly believe what a stable entity or force proclaims. They may find themselves in roles of leadership or being successful in business making millions or leading (conquering) their family, but they are not leaders, they are poisonous despots and they will suffer anxiety, torment, and unease until one of their fearful minions finally “sticks a knife in their deserving back.”

A true Alpha will respect you. They will speak truth to you even when it is not in their personal interest. They will work for your respect rationally and by example, not with brainwashing or the implementation of fear or threat. A true Alpha is a sacrificial entity and this will be apparent in their actions and constant behavior. They want to lift you and the rest of the pack up, making existence better for everyone. They would never ask or suggest that you weaken or delude another for their benefit. They will always give you the same level of respect that they also desire from you or anyone else, for that matter. A true Alpha is not a hypocrite (beyond minor imperfection) and though sometimes their role may be to correct (help) others, this action is always performed with purity of heart and intention for the betterment/ stability/
achievement of peace for that other.

The Alpha lives for themselves through the uplifting and the strengthening of the pack as a whole….the increasing of the quality of life for all.

The bully lives only for their own selfish interests or the group/family they control. They will demonize most who truly implement free will for themselves or others. They put themselves before everyone else in all that they do and really they only care about their isolated quality of life.

Be very, very careful of bullies because you have been taught to except this role as your leader and role-model. You have also been indoctrinated to be paranoid, super-skeptical, and fearful of a true Alpha.


Cribb          2014

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