The Veterinarian – Christ and a Furry Beast

The receptionist walks into the treatment room. “I just put a client in room 2. She has a guinea pig that looks pretty bad. He’s just laying there on his side, not moving. It looks like he is dying. Three kids are also in there with mom.”

The veterinarian walks into the exam room and he sees the pain and the confusion of all, including himself. He is bombarded with these emotions, but his energy and his humanity cannot, and should not, be diverted from the one creature in the room, who is currently suffering. And that creature is a little furry beast with a crazy hairdo.

The veterinarian looks softly, but directly into the mother’s eyes. The tone of his voice is level, solid, stable and tempered with understanding and even a hint of sorrow. “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe there is anything we can do for your guinea pig. He is very sick and I doubt any treatment we can offer will make a difference. I think the best thing for him, at this time, is euthanasia. “

“I think we’ll just take him home,” she says, her eyes glazing over, while her soul runs like hell for cover, in full retreat, away from the Clear Light. He knows what dots were just connected and he wants to grab her and shake the madness from her mind. He wants to tell her, that she should be strong for her children and the little beast. He knows that she is too weak, and that truth will be sacrificed, and for this action, a life will suffer more than it needs to. Suffering will pay for her weakness, and the fear and selfishness that are cloaked within that weakness.

“I don’t think that is a very good idea. Maybe I haven’t been as clear as I thought, but your guinea pig is dying and right now he is suffering. If we are not going to try and treat him, we should end his suffering as soon as possible. If you take him home like this, He will suffer more.”

“They just lost their dad a few weeks ago (a shrug and a sorrowful glance full of willful incomprehension), and I just don’t want them to have to go through that again. We will just take him home.” “Them” she says,” them”. An essential part of the problem, stated so concisely……”them”. How can you not see the two thoughts don’t equate? If anything, one experience should enlighten you about the other. Can’t you see that you are proving so clearly that even the Christ child’s suffering will never be enough for a humanity that doesn’t even desire humanity? For God, so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that who so ever shall believe in him, shall…..have the free will to perpetuate suffering for themselves, their brethren, and all of the helpless little creatures of the world. And the crux…the damn crux…is he comforts most of his children who quarter, and draw, and rack the capacity of free will, as they practice their pathologic version of the golden rule. And i (intentional), indurare (Latin), must see this and accept our Lord’s decree of free will and its sadistic implementation, that is perhaps more vile than Beelzebub’s darkest desires. I or i, dear Lord, which is it, I ask myself, as I use my free will to try and stop this insanity, to stop this sacrificial suffering that can never satiate.

“Okay. If you change your mind, we will be here, please let me know.”

And as he tried to navigate his numb body through the back door of the exam room, he also tried to navigate the thoughts of those unwilling to think beyond their own fear; to bend the pathways of his mind in some effort, to partially comprehend content ignorance at inflicting needless suffering and pain on another entity, guinea pig or other, for one’s own selfish desires. Forfeit love, forfeit compassion, forfeit reason, and choose to be more cruel than the curses of God, but at least you wear a smile while you bastardize truth and reality, while you torture the helpless soul of a living entity.

Cribb      2012

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