Love vs Sex 43

Males and Men
Just because the most sensitive thing that most males do is scratch their balls, does not mean that they are real men. So, when a real man looks at you with awareness, when he speaks to you with intelligence, when he actually appreciates you for who you truly are in totality because he cares about such things and he actually respects you, respects all things, do not be fearful….do not mistake the “man” for another pitiful “male”. I understand how rare men are, I understand there are many “male” impostors trying to play the role of a “man”, but don’t use this as an excuse….don’t. Because you damn well know when you are doing that. That is an elaborate subconscious game. Differentiate the “males” from the “men” if you really want a “man”. You can always tell the difference if you apply yourself in the least. Enjoy a “male” or enjoy a “man”, but don’t confuse the two or get upset when you ask one to act like the other, they cannot.
Cribb     2014

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