The Hard O vs the Soft O – Part 3 (the ending)

The Soft O – Lifting One Another Up to the Heavens

In my mind, heart, soul, and if you must, my penis as well, the soft O is a thing of legend, of fairytales, of lying in the hands of god, of the utmost bliss, unity, and peace possible to share with another; it embodies respect and love in a physical and visceral way that surpasses the implied meanings within those words….it can’t lie…it really can’t be misinterpreted…it penetrates a person through and through….it will possesses every nerve ending, every electrical impulse of myocardial activity, every gland, every bone, every drop of blood and fold of cerebrum, every aspect of your physical essence down the microcellular level and beyond, bathing your physical body in such instinctual touch that its impact and meaning could not possibly be confounded by thought…it is a spiritual orgy of ecstasy absent of fear, and full of yearning to please another….to worship another….to make another see their own undeniable gorgeous beauty from outside themselves…to drown another in your hunger and thirst for their joy, their passion, their pleasure, their eruption, their release, and their transcendence without concern for your own wants and needs….to fuck all of the pain, worry, regret, insecurity, doubt, anxiety, potential fear, and finiteness out of them…to accept the same gifts in return as pure gifts and graces that possess no ulterior motive, no trick of control, and that serve only as a conduit to express mutual awareness and understanding.

In my super nerd boy warrior poet opinion, upward transcendence is achieved with the soft O and this type of transcendence is the most evolved…the most spiritual….the most balanced….the most nourishing…and the most rewarding of all forms. To choose to unify in balance and harmony with another entity instead of alternately choosing to antagonize or conquer or dominate that same entity (via downward transcendence), as you escape your isolated existence and expand your essence and awareness into the infinite depths of everything defines life as having more potential than simple isolated existence for all… ends the war of isolated entity versus isolated entity; species versus species, creature versus creature, and human versus human, on all levels of said existence and spiritually it defines shared existence…unified existence…..and one might argue, thus complete and wholesome existence.

The physical aspect…..the physical sex of the soft O surely varies somewhat with people and their mutual coupling of sensitivities. The synergistic interaction of those separate sensitivities is probably much more universal to all who experience the soft O than the particulars of stimulation and desires involved. The ultimate physical eruption and the physical catalytic sensations necessary to progressively draw out such an eruption are best described as soft, slow, patient, gentle, tender, perceptive, responsive, compassionate, and performed without regret or confusion or frustration or personal need or force. Perhaps, expectation is part of the blissful grace of the soft O, but that expectation is only based upon your connecting with the other individual in an absolutely irresistible and compulsive manner that will enable you to fill them with unrelenting bliss.

To characterize in generality the typical type of sensual movements and posturing of both parties who are engaged together in the union of the soft O, I would have to say that they are essentially feline in nature; mystical with smooth form, elegant yet limber without complaint, curiously explorative and rhythmically oriented, soft in touch and lingering approach, but all of this underlain ever constantly with the high drive and intense desire of a stalking feral predator born to hunt the scent and flame of primordial fire.

The kisses that dapple the soft O are soft and full of begging…begging to let their lips linger for what may seem like forever….forever upon such a sweet and salty ocean of flesh…..licking infinitely and primordially, this crevice or that curve, slowly and patiently, exploring, sensing, and sampling all of the potential causes and triggers and eventual elicitations of every organic tremor, pulsation, wave, contraction, flexion, thrust, and sigh. Nibbles and suckling then methodically evolve from some of those simple wet kisses….it happens little by little, a tender teasing of the flesh that worships and stimulates just enough…only enough to elicit a ravenous desire for more… addictive need for more….a must for continuance.

The murmurs and moans, the instructions and declarations, and the pleas and confessions involved with the vocalizations of the soft O experience remain always filled with a tone of worship and respect and awe. Apathy and degradation and judgment and complaint are never found, even as a momentary note within the tempo or melody of this orchestra. The volume and crescendos and specific terminology are completely irrelevant so long as they are utterly natural and ferally genuine.

The soft O union almost always ultimately leads to synchronous orgasm and I think it vital for each entity to look directly into one another’s gaze as those mutual orgasms build, coalesce, and eventually erupt. This might be accomplished through a mirror to accommodate a certain position or be intimately direct, but without this element in some form, I do not believe the full potential of the true soft O can be attained. It cannot be denied that the direct gaze somehow channels the energy exchange much more directly and profoundly in force and inertia between one another. We are not intended to close our eyes or to look away…..not if we are where we are supposed to be. 

The soft O is less about hammering your genitals together or bumping uglies in some scripted porn position while talking degradingly to one another and more about melting and sliding and swirling together….together, in ecstatic complimentary unison to progressively eroticize and heighten one another’s sensational pleasure and peace. It is synchronous worship bestowed upon one another in every touch, every look, every breath, every whisper, every movement, every orientation……perpetual attention and awareness of each entity applied towards the other…..swirling, dancing, coupling, uncoupling, initiating, responding, reversing…one respectful force being balanced and completed by an opposite and equally respective force to achieve simultaneous mutual escape from singular isolated individual existence. And the relative position and role of either force remains constantly interchangeable and variable with one another as it interacts and responds with the other force in flow and sync and the dynamic fluid movement inherent in all energy and all physical existence. The perpetual relative physical movement in the act of the soft O displays the purest form of respectful awareness and thus, appreciation. By nature of its constant relativity it defines itself as not always wanting or needing to be in control, not always having to be the one of prime importance, not always falling victim to being limited by basic physical and selfish animal awareness, nor always yielding to control, nor always relying on another to take the lead, nor always anything…..ever…..ever….ever, anything, except respectful understanding awareness and the expression of such.                 

A true soft orgasm erupts perpetually with a hungry desire that is focused on making your partner cum and cum and cum until they collapse from utter exhaustion into the deepest, most restful and peaceful sleep they have ever experienced. The upward transcendence produced by the orgasm itself lingers beyond its primary physical expression and post-coital it drowns ones non-sexual physical existence and ones spiritual essence in an aura of ever-so-slowly fading, nurturing, cuddling, and rebirthing upward transcendence. The orbit of this aura slowly expands and creeps further and further away, whether in sleep or discussion or contemplation, until eventually its gravity finally fades away. But this fading is just the initial preparation, the very rebirth if you will, of the next soft O waiting to cum.

It is a fucking of energy….your pure energy with the energy of another…and that occurs outside of your physical body…though I agree it does appear attached or tethered somehow to your physical presence; the physical and the non-physical essence, at least during life, are always extensions of one another for those of us possessing an awareness that surpasses the much more common version in the human species; limited animal awareness. This fucking of energy electrifies and invigorates and titillates all physical matter that falls within its radiation. It creates its own gravitational field….its own orbit….its own universe….its own Milky Way (innuendo intended). This is what most people are terrified of….not really the “physical threat of being played” or tricked…..not that…..they are terrified….absolutely fucking terrified…..fucking, fucking, fucking terrified that this energy of what I speak will grab them and swirl them and shake them and fuck them into oblivion…to the fucking point that they will really fucking finally open their eyes and feel and see the fucking force and reality of universal beauty…universal truth….universal respect…..because once you fucking go there…you can’t go back… can’t ever fucking go back….it is a one way ticket….and the trip is way too intense for most….so they sit out the game and pretend to be like the others…..those with just limited animal awareness….they hide among their numbers and pretend to be something they can’t fucking be….too scared to jump into that Vanilla Sky…..and the penalty, the cost for that decision ravages their fucking soul for the rest of their non-existence. This energy is the energy absent in either form of the hard O. It is the difference….the limiting factor… is what the hard O lacks. The hard O sounds big and bad and fucking in control….dominate….but that’s all fucking bullshit…it is just a fucking paper tiger…it is a show for anyone who is not limited by an animal awareness…..a show for all of those with greater awareness sitting out the dance…sitting in the chairs against the wall…too scared to believe….too scared to jump into the middle of the floor and dance your dance in front of everyone, beasts and angels alike……too scared to accept they are not in control….their instability prompts them to think they will be happier to control those with animal awareness (people and animals) while suffering a non-existence for their own awareness themselves versus losing control of everything and just giving themselves up to the universe as they truly are in their imperfect-perfect, mad-non-mad, dominate-submissive, chaos-order, looking into their own damn undisguised soul with complete and utter acceptance, swirling absolute true singularity existence. The soft O dances with those that yield their fear and reservations….those that choose to stand up and walk onto the dance floor as themselves disregarding all else….disregarding all possible outcomes and critiques and fears of losing control of their body or their soul….disregarding all of the perpetual excuses not to dance. “I don’t like wet kisses” or “I don’t like to be touched” or “I hug side-ways” or rigidness of posture or “I can only cum on top” or “you have to do it this way” or having to watch porn first or having to be dirty/secretive/manipulative or “I don’t like to cuddle” or the I am in control of my pussy mentality or not even being able to allow yourself to cum in many cases or prudeness or chastity or refusing to kiss or refusing to look in my damn eyes when we are in union together or blah ba blah ba blah ba blah are all excuses for those who fear the soft O….all excuses to sit in your chair against that wall and talk all kinds of shit about how you “dance” while you never, ever, ever, really get out there and dance…………..or really and truly make fucking love.                 

With the soft O sexual union stops in any shape, form or fashion being a game….it stops being a manipulation….it stops being an action for your own existence. It stops being a trick wearing a mask with the express intent to wield the power of the pussy or the domain of the dick to just get yourself off…or to just over-dominate another for the simple shits and grins to compensate for your own insecurity. It becomes a willing sacrifice of your total energy and awareness for the simple unrelenting pleasure and joy and release of another entity without even the unconscious expectation of your own reward or benefit or yield. It is vulnerability to the highest degree. It is sacrifice to the highest degree. It is union with another involving the highest level of respect. It is total purity of association. It is love as love is intended to be; not jealous, not petty, not for your own fucking good…..not for you….not fucking for you…but for others….or one other if you prefer… must ask nothing in return….it must sustain itself for the pure beauty and satisfaction of wanting to sustain itself….to summon together the most blissful  energy in life and existence…to focus that energy….to use your fucking soul to summon it despite all excuses, all personal pettiness, against all odds and challenges, against your own demons of need and want and animalistic desire……to meticulously refine your awareness to be able to do this…..and then….then, after fighting all of those battles to gather such a precious, precious grace unto yourself, choosing……choosing, to give it all away….away to another without any damn attachments. And yes, of course it is beautiful when that energy immediately swirls back around and grabs your fucking ass too, yeah….then….then we are really going super-nova….super-fucking-nova….and all of absolutely fucking everything goes into the perpetual flux and spasm of orgasmic primordial creation, but….but…but, often the gift….the process…..the interaction may be one sided and honestly, sometimes I prefer to be just the unrelenting giver of perpetual stimulation and orgasm to another….to witness wave after wave after wave of peaceful unifying irresistible bliss wash through another’s soul so completely as an extension of my focus.  Being in that state of giving (giving soft O energy away to another perpetually), truly probably trumps even being in the mutual swirl of simultaneous graceful soft O orgasmic energy together with another……but then again, why would you not alternate back in forth in between those two states for as long or as often as possible. In either state, the receiver of the soft O must be spiritually adept enough to embrace the graceful gift. If they are incapable of doing so, their personal transcendence will probably shoot straight down through the horizontal neutral O and into the downward parasitic O, despite all efforts of their “giver”, and there their sexual unions of blocked potential will remain until that individual is ready to truthfully face their own demons and grow beyond them. Most of these people never grow. Conversely, I believe that almost all entities capable of reaching the true horizontal neutral O that are fortunate enough to cross paths with someone of soft O potential will benefit significantly from such a relationship, rising higher in their spiritual awareness, and once that occurs, it is hard to imagine them ever wanting to go back down.      


Pulling Out and Finishing it Off                    

We can connect with the universe through the mosh pit of self-gratifying sex. We can do the same by violent and barbaric war, rape, and domestic abuse. We can cut ourselves….. or snort, pop, inject, and drink our fill of poison to achieve that same minimal state of transcendence. We can fuck each other’s brains out…cum into the absolute release of that obliteration of the senses…..and then reemerge from that limited grace defensive and empowered with the triumph of the vile optimization of inducing victimization on another entity. So you may choose to cloak self-gratifying, manipulative, and alienating sex as “normal” as most do, but from a spiritual level it isn’t any better than war, rape, drugs, and isolating yourself from a large portion of existence. The “production” and “flow” of spiritual energy in this scenario is negative or depleting to both entities. It may reinforce our animal essence, but it neglects all else.

For those fortunate enough to possess the faculties and the will to accept the burden and responsibility of truth, a state unassociated with self-degradation and parasitic energy consumption can be achieved through the horizontal honest hard O. This state removes the madness of delusional logic, action, and intent present in the downward parasitic hard O. The energy yield or exchange in this state remains neutral, and such a state appears to be the highest level of physical or animalistic awareness possible. Unfortunately, very few in humanity are even capable of rising to the level of this state.

A smidgeon of those that make it to the horizontal honest hard O level will rise even further and have opportunity to experience the grace of the soft O. Some may argue that this concept is nothing more than a romantic fantasy in my delusional mind and I suppose that possibility should be considered, but I have experienced everything very intimately and personally and directly that I have presented relating to the soft O and I thoroughly believe all of it….every single word. I have no doubt of its existence or the upward transcendence interwoven into that same said existence. In my past, I have personally failed on a number of occasions to obtain the soft O myself, instead succumbing to the tortures of my own personal demons or a plethora of other excuses that are constantly available for the plucking by all. The path necessary for the attainment of the soft O is very challenging and it can be full of many painful realizations about one’s self. I do not take for granted the difficulty of what I speak. I don’t even believe the path to the horizontal honest hard O is easy….it is a difficult step for anyone just to arrive at such a simple thing as accepting and living a truthful existence and furthermore having the courage to try and share that with another. The soft O is probably ten times more difficult to obtain than the honest hard O, but I believe it is worth the effort. I believe we are meant to strive for such things. I believe that our spiritual essence hungers for this specific experience. I believe that the soft O is the most beautiful grace bestowed on humanity and it is the ultimate celebration of existence and our capability to choose union over isolation in that existence.


Cribb     2014

Credit should be given to A. Huxley for his many works relating to and describing his opinions on transcendence. His theories serve as strong contributions to the foundation of the ideas and theories I have presented above. I will forever be indebted to the knowledge that Huxley has passed forward to all of us through his graceful works.                                            

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