The Hard O vs the Soft O – Part 2

The Honest Hard O – Staying Horizontal

There is an “in-between” state of sex that does not lead to the upward transcendence of the soft O nor to the downward transcendence of the parasitic hard O. This in-between state is characterized by neutral, respectful, and honest sexual intent without the incorporation of a unifying spiritual element. In other words, neither participant lies, deceives, manipulates, demeans, or harms the other participant or themselves, but nonetheless, the energy exchange lacks unifying and synergistic bonding capabilities. Thus, fucking equals fucking without any negativity or delinquency.

This type of sex induces horizontal transcendence. Both entities get to escape their isolated existence and bond with “something more” as a result of their fucking, but that bonding to “something more” is still limited to animalistic awareness. The difference between downward and horizontal transcendence is that the downward T is governed by unstable (neurotic) animal awareness and the horizontal T is governed by a balanced or stable animal awareness. The energy flow resulting from this type of “horizontal sex” remains neutral and neither entity is depleted or deconstructed in any way.

It should be obvious why this type of exchange is so much better than the downward parasitic hard O. It should also be noted that realistically this level of sex is probably the highest state of sexual satisfaction that the majority of people will ever allow themselves to experience. It doesn’t pull “you” together spiritually, but neither does it push “you” apart.

I am not offended or harmed or troubled in any way by sex of this nature. I honestly consider it healthy and natural and I find it a shame that most of humanity cannot overcome their mental baggage to arrive at a complete understanding, and thus personal benefit, of this type of dynamic. Instead, most take the fore mentioned low road of the parasitic hard O because they really can’t deal with the simple reality of truth and honesty.   

Non-sexual types of horizontal T include intense physical exercise, vocational obsession, and the vigorous pursuit of any non-directly-unifying, uplifting hobby or expression of art and music. I would further include obsession with living vicariously through interaction with pets and children under this category as long as the transcending entity remains neutral in the development of the pets and the children. Should that entity become a destabilizing or parasitic force to a child or pet in any form, they immediately leave horizontal T and dive into downward T.                    

To be continued…

Cribb 2014

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