Love vs Sex 41

Love de-objectifies the percieved thing or person. At the same time it de-subjectifies the perciever, who no longer views the outside world with desire or aversion, no longer judges automatically and irrevocably, is no longer an emotionally charged ego, but finds himself an element in the given reality, which is not an affair of objects and subjects, but a cosmic unity of love.

Lust is sexual relations with an object for the benefit of a subject—who may also enjoy as a kind of bonus, the manifestations of subjective enjoyment proceeding from the object. Love de-objectifies and de-subjectifies, substitues the primordial fact of unity and the awareness of mutual immanence for a frenzy heightened to despair by the impossibility of that total possession of the object, at which it mistakenly aims.         

This Timeless Moment – quoting a letter written by A. Huxley

Laura Huxley     1968   

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