Another Example of the Truth Behind Corporate Invasion into Veterinary Medicine


Nice brochure, right? Happy, happy puppy…smiling because he is covered under a well marketed “wellness plan” that you must buy IF YOU LOVE HIM to cover him with the “best medicine and care” available. AND BESIDES JUST LIKE PET INSURANCE, WHAT A GREAT DEAL….WHAT GREAT SAVINGS!!!!! Unfortunately, none of that is even remotely true and this company with their insurance-like sales pitch and propaganda, stands for one thing and one thing only….decieving you with marketing techniques because THEY think you are stupid enough to buy into their scheme, and by doing so you will directly contribute to their bottom line profit while you suffer the consequences of their unbalanced and manipulative trick. This company contacted me so I would consider using their services to help my business combat current opposing veterinary market forces. The opposing forces, according to this company are “big box retailers, non-profit organizations, card table vaccine clinics, and online pharmacies.” That statement, at least, can be trusted and I have discussed those entities at length in previous writings. Of note….of specific note is the fact that they did not include VETERINARY INSURANCE COMPANIES in their list. Don’t take your eye off the ball….don’t blink. The brochure further states that the veterinary industry model “has to change”. The company then makes the following statement

“With TruePet Wellness Plans your practice is empowered to move beyond the standard model of revenue. Through membership dues, increased contact, and a tailored package of services your practice will be able to transform the way care is delivered to your client. Through the annual renewal process you can continue to engage your client and adjust services to meet the changing needs of a pet.”      

What this means in normal-speak is we can help you trick your customers into signing up for an automatic renewable plan, so we can endlessly bombard them with coupons, propaganda, and tricks to get them to visit you much more often than they currently are (and I would add, actually need to), and make them think that somehow they are saving money the whole damn time. This concept, again, is the current corporate game plan across the board in every field and it is in direct violation with balanced small business. It is not good for you the customer, the pet, or even for me, the veterinarian, in the long run. In the short-term it could significantly benefit my profit margin and in the long-term it would probably benefit me mildly to moderately, but none of that matters, because it destroys the entire system, it removes balance and creates a “centralized” healthcare field that functions primarily through deception as it partners with corporate business forces who have no…none…nada concern…for ethical, moral, balanced medical care. The corporate business pseudo-medical forces only care about bottom line profit…..only. It is amazing to me how the masses have come to contort their minds in such a state that they “believe” corporate business companies/people will somehow save them money in any medical field, while the MD or the DVM becomes the greediest, most despicable, materialistic parasite in existence. It is a brilliant play by the business interests because the whole damn time they hide their involvement and obvious undeniable motive from your eyes. 

This is another picture from the same brochure. Look at it. Read it. Please read their words, not my interpretation of such. Read what they say you will do….how much money you will save with me by partnering with this corporation (and it is the same, the same, with a pet insurance company).


Just like with the pet insurance plans that I have previously exposed are supposed to save you money, the “face” of this program or offer suggests exactly the same. The truth ,however, is clearly illustrated in their words, their sales pitch to me that they hide so carefully from you. So, this awesome wellness plan tricks you into visiting the veterinarian 4 times more often than an average client and tricks you into spending 3-7 times more than the national average on your pet. On top of that, you pay a monthly membership fee.     

These tricks and manuevers were intentionally implemented and they succeeded in the field of human medicine with their simple goal to capture revenue from that field at any cost and that is why human medicine has finally imploded. Currently, there is no government interference or involvement or control in veterinary medicine…none. The enemy clearly poised against and confronting veterinary medicine at present is an ominous, centralized, well-capitalized, hypnotic, deceptive, pseudo-medical corporate predator and it is coming for you and me, and if we give it a chance, it will eat us both.

Jeff Cribb DVM     2014

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