The War Cry of an Insecure Person and the Buzz Kill of Balance

The most common anthem or war cry I hear from an insecure person is “I don’t need to be saved” or “I did not ask for your help”. It is interesting to note that these same people cycle through an endless pattern of behavior that never seems to actually help them attain whatever it is that they say they would like to attain, and furthermore, this same repetitive behavioral pattern seems to assure them of nothing more than misery, malcontent, and an inability to balance their psyche properly (as denied by them, but also witnessed by all who know them).

This insecure psyche attempts to brainwash itself by distorting reality in some farcical manner, that makes it more palatable or more tolerable to themselves. The problem is that this distortion always falls short, because deep down inside, even the damaged insecure psyche, knows the truth. So this constant, sugar-coating, self-deceptive brainwashing bashes up against an underlying fear of the undeniable truth which results in a jagged rip through their psyche.

This obliterates any chance for the appropriate balance of the psyche, nonetheless, the psyche must balance, it must, and if it is unable or unwilling to do so in the healthy and spiritual manner of being centered (stationary) at all times, it will balance by a violent swing of the pendulum from the one extreme to the other, a shift to the polar opposite. These mood swings also provide the hormonal release and associated cognitive distraction associated with either aggression (the aggressive shift/swing) or love (the loving shift/swing).  Regardless, these mood swings are survival mechanisms and without this “tool” or much more commonly coupled with it, this diseased psyche requires obsession with drugs (pot and other), obsession with physical activity (including sex), obsession with a vocation, obsession with pets, obsession with religion, or perhaps, a mixture of the above, to provide adequate distraction from truth and reality.

The insecure psyche seeks any and all distractions, but runs from the weight of truth, that is the only force heavy enough to pull it down to the center of the pendulum.   

An addict refuses to acknowledge truth and they also “don’t need to be saved” as they obliterate their sense of reality while enjoying every second of the death they continuously snort or inject or inhale into their body. An addict does not “ask for help”. Knowing that they are killing themselves the entire time during this process, the addict, specifically does not want help and does not want the salvation and cure that can only be brought about by the injection of, or even just the simple acknowledgement of the reality of their predicament. They would prefer to die being self-deceived as opposed to live with total awareness.  

The insecure person is an addict of insecurity and thus, these same rules apply to them as well, through and through. So, they are always paranoid that someone is trying to, or even worse that someone might actually “save them”.  The words may not even ever be muttered, but they hear them. The close presence of a person in their life, who embodies the importance of acknowledging undeniable truth, is a total “buzz kill” that challenges their self-induced brainwashed distortions of reality even without one spoken word. And it seems so odd to me, that this “buzz kill” will become the enemy even as they are the only one trying to end this cycle of insecurity and help said person attain their proclaimed goal of “stationary” balance.

The addict revolts against the interventionist and clings to all of their addicted and enabling friends who walk hand and hand with them towards their inevitable destruction.     


Cribb     2012 

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