The Reality TV Show of Life

Almost all of this….almost every single bit is advertised, produced, and enacted as a “reality” TV show. So collectively, can we at least write the storyline as a true comedy, through and through, and not more so as Shakespearean drama only shellacked by surface comedy while suffering from an intense inner core of astounding predictable and avoidable tragedy? For I will giggle, grin, goof up, fool around, tease, dance, joke, heckle, play, prank, tickle, frolic, and smile with enormous and immense profound immature joy…. and laugh and laugh and laugh with my entire exploding essence along with you, as long as it is not at the expense of your visceral peace and sanity…at detriment to the actualized natural and nurturing balance of your existence…at the cost of your insidious and progressive instability leading directly to the foreseeable tragic season finale for your character. I’m not even asking you to unplug the damn thing…..or yourself.


Cribb     2014       

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