Love vs Sex 38

Since childhood Yuri Andreevich had loved the evening forest shot through with the fire of sunset. In such moments it was as if he, too, let these shafts of light pass through him. As if the living spirit streamed into his breast, crossed through his whole being, and came out under his shoulder blades as a pair of wings. That youthful archetype, which is formed in every young man for the whole of his life and serves him forever after and seems to him to be his inner face, his personality, awakened in him with its full primarily force, and transformed nature, the forest, the evening glow, and all visible things into an equally primary and all-embracing likeness of a girl. “Lara!”—closing his eyes. He half whispered or mentally addressed his whole life, the whole of God’s earth, the whole sunlit expanse spread out before him.


Doctor Zhivago

B. Pasternak       1957

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