When People Leave Early, In the Middle Of Winter.

For some it will be palpable and it might take your breath away…for some that is.

Great Dame

From the hotel’s stairs I assured William that his car would be safe.

“I’m not used to leaving my car with someone else,” he explained, his entire schtick an odd mix of control versus letting go.

“I mean just look at him. He seems like a good guy,” I said, locking eyes with valet and grinning.

“How do you spell your name, Miss?”

“A-u. T-u. M-N.” As I told him he scribbled it on a ticket. For whatever reason the cameras in my head were recording and I could feel the grey wind and the Chicago rain starting to fall.

Of all the random moments in ordinary fashion I captured the part where William looked up and asked, “There’s an ‘N’ in your name?”

He liked silent letters, he said, as I saved it.


I tried a few times, to use the camera. In the Lego store, pointed at…

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